The best 100Mbps capped fibre packages in South Africa

Demand for high-speed fibre broadband continues to grow in South Africa, with ADSL connections steadily becoming a relic of the past.

Openserve has even said that it plans to turn off its copper network in the next five years, as maintaining this infrastructure is becoming increasingly expensive and customers are moving over to more efficient technology.

Fibre is also cheaper than ADSL, making it the preferred option among fixed-broadband users wherever it is available.

Capped fibre comparison

Uncapped high-speed fibre with no fair usage policy is the ideal connection for many South Africans, but this can be relatively expensive, especially considering the comparatively cheap price tag of capped packages.

Capped fibre packages offer both high speeds and low data costs, with the option to purchase additional data each month in case you run out.

This option is ideal for buyers looking for a fast but cheap fibre package, or for people who know roughly how much data they use per month and do not want to overspend on their connection.

Capped packages often have the added advantage of not being shaped or throttled, unlike some cheaper uncapped packages.

There are a wide variety of fibre network operators across South Africa, but we only included Openserve and Vumatel packages in our comparison.

This allows us to portray the difference between fibre package costs on the two networks, as well as give readers a general idea of the cheapest capped packages from ISPs across different operators.

Below are the best 100Mbps capped fibre packages on Vumatel and Openserve.

100Mbps Capped Fibre Packages
ISP Network Speed Price pm
Afrihost Openserve 100/50Mbps R767
Axxess Openserve 100/50Mbps R805
Afrihost Openserve 100/50Mbps R817
MWEB Openserve 100/50Mbps R829
Afrihost Vumatel 100/10Mbps R1,117
Axxess Openserve 100/50Mbps R879
Afrihost Openserve 100/50Mbps R917
MWEB Vumatel 100/10Mbps R1,069
Axxess Vumatel 100/10Mbps R1,190
Afrihost Vumatel 100/10Mbps R1,217
MWEB Openserve 100/50Mbps R979
Axxess Openserve 100/50Mbps R1,039
Afrihost Openserve 100/50Mbps R1,017
MWEB Vumatel 100/10Mbps R1,119
Axxess Vumatel 100/10Mbps R1,250
Afrihost Vumatel 100/10Mbps R1,317
MWEB Openserve 100/50Mbps R1,189
Axxess Openserve 100/50Mbps R1,189
Axxess Vumatel 100/10Mbps R1,310
MWEB Vumatel 100/10Mbps R1,319
MWEB Openserve 100/50Mbps R1,389
Afrihost Openserve 100/50Mbps R1,467
Afrihost Vumatel 100/10Mbps R1,597
Axxess Vumatel 100/10Mbps R1,520
Axxess Openserve 100/50Mbps R1,639
Afrihost Vumatel 100/10Mbps R2,017
Axxess Vumatel 100/10Mbps R2,030
MWEB Openserve 100/50Mbps R2,039
Afrihost Openserve 100/50Mbps R2,117
Axxess Openserve 100/50Mbps R2,239

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The best 100Mbps capped fibre packages in South Africa