The fibre network with the best prices in South Africa

One of the biggest advantages fibre has over ADSL is its reduced costs, and this is due in part to the proliferation of open-access networks and the competition between fibre providers.

Major networks including Vumatel, Openserve, and Octotel compete to roll out fibre in areas and offer the best deal to retain customers in spaces where they overlap.

The large number of fibre network operators in South Africa has made coverage maps a necessary tool when ordering a fibre package through an ISP, and each service provider has a similar offering available on their website.

You may not be able to choose between multiple operators depending on your location, but it is important to note that prices for fibre packages can vary according to which network you are covered by.

For example, many networks are simply more expensive than others, while others have longer installation times or have throttling implemented by the ISP.

We looked at identical fibre packages available from one ISP in South Africa to determine which fibre network offered the best prices to local customers.

The comparison

We used Afrihost’s fibre portal to compare the pricing of different fibre networks, as this page included approximate installation times and fair usage policy data in addition to pricing information.

We selected 100Mbps synchronous packages from the Afrihost website on each network available and compared the pricing, Fair Usage Policy (FUP), and installation time of each network.

Where 100/100Mbps fibre packages weren’t available on certain networks, we included the closest possible alternative – usually a 100/10Mbps or 100/50Mbps package – and noted the difference in the package speed.

If Afrihost’s fibre portal offered different type of uncapped packages, we selected Home Uncapped and noted the fair usage policy.

It is important to note that certain network operators are only available in complexes or selected areas and are relatively uncommon compared to networks like Vumatel and Openserve.

Fibre network prices on Afrihost

Below is the price of a 100Mbps uncapped fibre package on every network available through the Afrihost fibre portal.

It is interesting to note that Openserve was the only network on which Afrihost had implemented a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) via its cheaper “Home Uncapped” package.

Network Speed FUP Installation Price pm
Frogfoot 100/100Mbps None 3 Weeks R1,017
Mitsol 100/100Mbps None 7 Weeks R1,017
Century City Connect 100/50Mbps None 2 Weeks R1,017
Maboneng Broadband 100/50Mbps None 2 Weeks R1,017
Openserve 100/50Mbps 300GB 1 Week R1,117
TT Connect 100/100Mbps None 1 Week R1,117
Vumatel 100/100Mbps None 1 Week R1,197
Vumatel (Aerial) 100/100Mbps None 1 Week R1,197
Evotel 100/100Mbps None 1 Week R1,217
Purple Forest 100/100Mbps None 1 Week R1,247
SADV (Complexes) 100/100Mbps None 1 Week R1,217
SADV (Suburbia) 100/100Mbps None 7 Weeks R1,217
Netstream 100/50Mbps None 2 Days R1,277
MetroFibre 100/100Mbps None 2 Weeks R1,349
MetroFibre (Complexes) 100/100Mbps None 1 Week R1,349
Clear Access 100/100Mbps None 1 Week R1,397
Octotel 100/100Mbps None 1 Week R1,417
Blitz Fibre 100/100Mbps None 1 Week R1,417
Balwin Fibre 100/100Mbps None 1 Week R1,417
Teralink Networks 100/100Mbps None 2 Weeks R1,477
Connectivity Services (Steyn City) 100/100Mbps None 2 Weeks R1,717

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The fibre network with the best prices in South Africa