If you have Vumatel or Openserve fibre, these are the deals you should get

Fibre is becoming increasingly available across South African neighbourhoods as network operators race to roll out their infrastructure to eligible areas.

The biggest of these fibre network operators (FNOs) are Openserve and Vumatel, both of which have partnered with a range of ISPs who offer both capped and uncapped packages on these networks.

There is a difference in pricing for each of these networks across multiple ISPs, however, and the best fibre deal to purchase depends heavily on which network offers fibre in your area.

Similarly, if two FNOs offer fibre connectivity to your residence, it is important to select the best network for the package you want.

We have outlined the basic pricing structure of various ISP packages below to highlight the pricing difference between Vumatel and Openserve.

Uncapped packages

Below is a comparison of uncapped fibre packages from various ISPs across both Vumatel and Openserve.

Vumatel synchronous 100/100Mbps packages were compared with 100/50Mbps packages from Openserve, as Openserve does not offer synchronous fibre lines to consumers.

It is also important to note the fair usage policy imposed by some ISPs on uncapped packages, as this could have a severe effect on heavy data users.

100Mbps Uncapped fibre packages
ISP Network Fair Usage Policy Speeds (down/up) Price
Cybersmart Vumatel None 100Mbps / 100Mbps R1,099
Afrihost Openserve None 100Mbps / 50Mbps R1,117
Webafrica Openserve 300GB 100Mbps / 50Mbps R1,119
RSAWEB Vumatel None 100Mbps / 100Mbps R1,139
Afrihost Vumatel None 100Mbps / 100Mbps R1,197
Home Connect Vumatel None 100Mbps / 100Mbps R1,208
Cool Ideas Vumatel None 100Mbps / 100Mbps R1,219
BitCo Vumatel None 100Mbps / 100Mbps R1,225
Vox Vumatel 1TB 100Mbps / 100Mbps R1,239
Vodacom Vumatel 2.2TB 100Mbps / 100Mbps R1,249
Webafrica Vumatel None 100Mbps / 100Mbps R1,259
MWEB Vumatel 1TB 100Mbps / 10Mbps R1,269
Supersonic Vumatel None 100Mbps / 100Mbps R1,279
Cell C Vumatel None 100Mbps / 100Mbps R1,299
Cell C Openserve None 100Mbps / 50Mbps R1,299
Cybersmart Openserve None 100Mbps / 50Mbps R1,305
Axxess Vumatel 300GB 100Mbps / 10Mbps R1,308
Vodacom Openserve 2.2TB 100Mbps / 50Mbps R1,315
MWEB Openserve 1TB 100Mbps / 50Mbps R1,339
MWEB Vumatel 1TB 100Mbps / 100Mbps R1,369
Home Connect Openserve 1,088GB 100Mbps / 50Mbps R1,388
Axxess Openserve 300GB 100Mbps / 50Mbps R1,419
Vox Openserve 1TB 100Mbps / 50Mbps R1,449
BitCo Openserve None 100Mbps / 50Mbps R1,495
Cool Ideas Openserve None 100Mbps / 50Mbps R1,499
Supersonic Openserve None 100Mbps / 50Mbps R1,499

Capped packages

Capped fibre packages do not include a fair usage policy, and if you exceed the cap you can top up your data limit through your chosen ISP.

Once again, we compared packages which offered synchronous 100/100Mbps Vumatel deals with 100/50Mbps Openserve packages.

100Mbps Capped Fibre Packages
ISP Network Speed Price pm
Axxess Openserve 100/50Mbps R805
RSAWEB Openserve 100/50Mbps R809
MWEB Openserve 100/50Mbps R829
Axxess Openserve 100/50Mbps R879
Vox Openserve 100/50Mbps R815
MWEB Vumatel 100/10Mbps R1,069
Axxess Vumatel 100/10Mbps R1,190
MWEB Openserve 100/50Mbps R979
RSAWEB Openserve 100/50Mbps R999
Axxess Openserve 100/50Mbps R1,039
MWEB Vumatel 100/10Mbps R1,119
Axxess Vumatel 100/10Mbps R1,250
Vox Openserve 100/50Mbps R995
MWEB Openserve 100/50Mbps R1,189
Axxess Openserve 100/50Mbps R1,189
Axxess Vumatel 100/10Mbps R1,310
Vox Openserve 100/50Mbps R1,135
MWEB Vumatel 100/10Mbps R1,319
MWEB Openserve 100/50Mbps R1,389
RSAWEB Openserve 100/50Mbps R1,409
Axxess Vumatel 100/10Mbps R1,520
Axxess Openserve 100/50Mbps R1,639
RSAWEB Openserve 100/50Mbps R1,709
Axxess Vumatel 100/10Mbps R2,030
MWEB Openserve 100/50Mbps R2,039
Axxess Openserve 100/50Mbps R2,239

Choosing a deal

The tables above portray a clear picture of fibre pricing differences in South Africa.

Most notably, users with Openserve connectivity can purchase capped packages for significantly cheaper than if they were buying a Vumatel package, although this phenomenon disappears at around the 500GB level.

For uncapped users, Vumatel is clearly the best network in terms of pricing, as most uncapped packages are much cheaper than Openserve while providing an extra 50Mbps of upload speed.

If you have Vumatel fibre coverage, you should also opt to buy an uncapped product over a capped package, as these are around the same price as 100GB capped deals on the same network.

Of course, if you plan to use less than 100GB of data every month, there are better capped options available, but the growing data needs of consumers imply that this level of data usage would not be sustainable for long.

When it comes to Openserve, it seems that buying a capped package with 500GB or less data is cheaper than an uncapped product at the same speed.

This means that if you don’t plan to exceed this monthly data usage, capped packages are certainly viable for Openserve users.

There are various other considerations to account for when buying a fibre package aside from price, including customer support and the fair usage policy enforced by ISPs.

Buying a month-to-month fibre package may be slightly more expensive in some cases, but it does give you the flexibility to change if you find a cheaper deal elsewhere.

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If you have Vumatel or Openserve fibre, these are the deals you should get