Fibre vs LTE – Choose the option that saves you money

Webafrica recently launched an uncapped LTE service, offering users a wireless alternative to the uncapped offerings provided by fibre and DSL ISPs.

Webafrica had already launched capped Telkom fixed-LTE packages on a month-to-month basis, but the uncapped offering provides another option to users who consume a lot of data and don’t have access to a fibre connection.

This new uncapped LTE package costs R899 per month and is delivered within 5 days of signing up.

The deal is subject to a fair usage policy (FUP), and the speeds offered are throttled as follows:

  • 10Mbps for the first 150GB
  • 4Mbps for 150-200GB
  • 2Mbps for any additional data

Fibre vs LTE

While LTE prices are decreasing – Vodacom recently halved its monthly fee for its 10GB and 20GB LTE contracts – fibre is still the better option for those who use a lot of data.

LTE is closing this gap however, and for those who use under 50GB of data a month, it is a very competitive product in terms of its pricing.

MyBroadband compared the pricing of equivalent fibre packages to Webafrica’s LTE products.

The comparison showed that while the LTE prices compare favourably with fibre prices at lower data numbers, as data usage increases, fibre increases its value to customers.

As a result, data-hungry customers would still be best served using fibre if it is available to them.

LTE and fibre pricing provided are sourced from Webafrica and RSAWEB respectively. RSAWEB does not charge for fibre installation or for the router.

It is also important to note that RSAWEB does not implement a fair usage policy on most of its uncapped packages, while Webafrica’s FUP on its uncapped LTE product is relatively stringent.

LTE and fibre prices from these two ISPs can be found in the table below.

LTE contract prices
Data LTE Price (Webafrica) Fibre Price (RSAWEB)
20GB R249 R579 (20Mbps)
40GB/50GB R359 (40GB) R659 (20Mbps) (50GB)
100GB R759 R699 (20Mbps)
200GB R1,059 R799
Uncapped R899 R640 (10Mbps)

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Fibre vs LTE – Choose the option that saves you money