10Gbps fibre packages – These are your options

As fibre continues to become more accessible, Internet users expect to have access to faster speeds.

This is true both for home users and organisations – although what constitutes “faster speeds” varies depending on the type of user.

Big enterprises and corporates require much higher Internet speeds so that all of their workers can perform tasks without worrying about their access to the internet being too slow.

These big organisations also often need to perform high-capacity, regular tasks that require a speedy and steady flow of data.

BitCo launches 10Gbps business fibre

BitCo recently began offering 10Gbps fibre packages to big corporates and enterprises, improving the fibre options these entities have access to.

As part of this new launch, it slashed its high-speed business fibre prices, with its 10Gbps fibre range now costing R39,995 per month – an incredibly affordable price for the sort of organisation that would require these speeds.

All BitCo FTTB packages offer completely uncapped, uncontended, and synchronous access to the internet– all while offering a 99% operational uptime guarantee.

10Gbps fibre pricing – a complex game

10Gbps fibre is not common in South Africa, and BitCo’s big launch and off-the-shelf pricing structure have shaken up the market considerably.

Some other fibre providers do offer this speed, however, and MyBroadband asked these companies for their pricing.

However, no other providers who responded to our query offer off-the-shelf pricing for 10Gbps.

Liquid Telecom told MyBroadband that its 10Gbps business fibre product pricing is customer-specific and depends on the distance of the fibre build required across metro and national long-distance networks.

Vox also told MyBroadband that while it had been able to offer 10Gbps connectivity to its customers for the last three years, it doesn’t have a default price for this sort of connection.

“We don’t have an off the shelf product and treat all these requests on an ad-hoc basis to accommodate the customized solutions that this type of customer requires,” said Vox.

Vodacom said that its IP Connect Fibre services can offer speeds of up to 1Gbps and 10Gbps where required.

“It is important to note that ‘Business Internet’ is a broadband service whereas ‘IPConnect’ is a dedicated guaranteed service,” said Vodacom.

According to Vodacom’s website, IPConnect Fibre is available in specific business parks where Vodacom Broadband Connect Fibre is installed.

“Pricing is dependent on your exact requirements whether you require connectivity to your Vodacom MPLS VPN or Dedicated Internet Express and the bandwidth requirements,” says Vodacom’s IPConnect webpage.

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10Gbps fibre packages – These are your options