Supersonic will offer discounted fibre deals to MTN customers

Supersonic is planning to expand its customer base rapidly over the rest of the year, and a key strategy for this growth is its integration with MTN’s products.

Speaking to MyBroadband, Supersonic CEO Calvin Collet said the ISP’s systems and network have been fully overhauled and it is now ready to scale up its business to take on major players in the South African Internet market.

“At the end of the day, we would like to have around 25% of the ISP market share in South Africa,” Collet said.

“We have everything in place, we are ready to take on the scale, and I think the best way to do it is to take advantage of MTN’s sales and distribution channels.”

Collet said the company has always planned to expand its offering through MTN’s channels, but wanted to ensure that its inherited systems were overhauled and capable of providing good service to an influx of new customers.

“We are happy to have that additional body from MTN come over now that all the systems are in place,” he said.

MTN’s fibre footprint

Concerning the growth of Supersonic in South Africa, Collet said the company has not leveraged the MTN brand enough, and it will now push forward with this strategy.

This plan will see Supersonic increase its presence in MTN stores across the country and offer discounted fibre deals to MTN customers.

“The MTN store footprint covers the fibre footprint quite consistently, and really for us, it is about bundling some of these products into it,” Collet said.

He explained that Supersonic will offer discounted packages bundled with MTN mobile offerings.

For example, a customer who comes in for an upgrade may be offered a discounted fibre package which can be bundled with their cellphone contract.

“It’s bundling the offerings into a single holistic offering, ultimately,” Collet said.

Planned offerings

Collet said that the ISP has not yet launched any bundled offerings, but this strategy will be a key growth plan for the company going forward.

“Converting customers through a simple, bundled offering is a large part of our strategy,” he said.

“We can offer you a broader and wider spectrum of services at a discounted price at the end of the day.”

He confirmed that customers could see something like a fibre-LTE bundle which includes, for example, a 100Mbps uncapped and unshaped fibre package paired with an MTN mobile SIM which would receive a monthly allocation of data.

This offering would be available as a single package, and Collet hopes that it will aid Supersonic’s plan for rapid growth in the South African ISP market.

Going forward, he said the ISP has some big announcements coming up over the rest of the year.

“We are launching two things before the end of the year, and then one very exciting one at the beginning of 2020,” Collet said.

“The space needs a shake-up and we are well on track for hopefully delivering that.”

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Supersonic will offer discounted fibre deals to MTN customers