BitCo 10Gbps fibre tested – Pure speed

BitCo recently launched new business fibre packages which can offer up to 10Gbps of uncontented bandwidth.

The company also dropped the prices of its fibre offerings as part of a “Fibre Revolution” promotion, offering high-speed services for an unprecedented price.

BitCo’s fibre products offer businesses uncontended, symmetrical lines which come with a 99% operational uptime guarantee.

The top-of-the-range offering available is the 10Gbps fibre product, which is priced at R39,995 per month.

MyBroadband visited BitCo’s offices in Johannesburg to try out the 10Gbps service for ourselves, and we were blown away.

BitCo team

Reaching 10Gbps

We were greeted by a team who had set up a test environment for us to try out the 10Gbps fibre line.

This setup comprised 10 high-end laptops with good networking capabilities, including HP Omen and Alienware gaming notebooks, as no single consumer laptop could take advantage of the full 10Gbps on offer by the fibre line.

Connection speeds are limited by your hardware, even when your laptop is plugged in via an Ethernet cable, as the maximum throughput available through a standard Gigabit Ethernet interface is up to 1Gbps.

This makes it difficult to push the 10Gbps fibre line anywhere near its limit, but the BitCo team had connected 10, Gigabit Ethernet-capable devices to the network and were ready to blast through content and speed tests in an attempt to use as much bandwidth as possible.

The total data usage on the connection at any one moment was measured on a dedicated screen, with the bitrate constantly refreshing to reflect the usage of connected devices.

Using a synchronised combination of speed tests, 4K YouTube streams, file downloads, and IPERF benchmarks, the Bitco team managed to top out the connection at just over 10Gbps.

Below is an image of the network throughput during this test:

BitCo bitrate monitor

Speed tests and downloads

While it was impressive to see the network’s bitrate surge as the technical team coordinated their assault, it was the user experience which impressed us the most.

10Gbps of bandwidth means that you can reach 1Gbps speeds on many devices at once, allowing for blazingly-fast file downloads, several simultaneous 4K video streams, and impressive speed test results.

Speed tests conducted multiple times on the MyBroadband Speed Test platform reflected upload and download speeds of well over 900Mbps, and a single laptop could download a 10GB file in just over a minute using the high-speed connection.

MyBroadband Speed Test BitCo

BitCo Single download

These file downloads and tests can also be limited by the interface and write speed of your hard drive. For example, if you are using a standard mechanical hard drive, your laptop will not be able to write data as fast as your connection can download it.

If you were able to use the full 10Gbps throughput on a single end-user terminal, you would be limited by the standard SATA storage interface used to connect HDDs and SSDs to motherboards, and even if you used a faster NVMe product, you would still be limited by the write speed of all but the fastest SSDs on the market.

During the tests, the BitCo team also demonstrated several simultaneous 10GB file downloads, with the browser estimating only around 7 minutes to complete them all.

BitCo Multiple downloads


As proved by the effort required from the BitCo team to max out their connection just for a moment, a 10Gbps fibre offering delivers a massive amount of bandwidth which can cater to the most demanding businesses.

BitCo said that it provides its own CPE device to customers which is 10Gbps-compatible, and it also offers up to 50 standard Virtual PBX extensions with its 10Gbps package.

“The demand for 10Gbps fibre is growing quickly, and we are ready to take on the market,” BitCo said. “We have gone into the market with an aggressive price point at just under R40,000 per month.”

The company said it is not always increasing data volume that drives companies to adopt its 10Gbps offering; some enterprises require high-bandwidth connections for specific tasks, while others are aiming to future-proof their network to accommodate continued growth.

We walked away from the test setup impressed with the speeds and stability of the 10Gbps fibre line. It was great to watch 10 high-end laptops burn through as much bandwidth as they could while the connection didn’t even break a sweat supporting all the data-intensive applications.

BitCo also offers smaller fibre packages for those would prefer cheaper offerings, with prices starting at R6,899 for its 100Mbps business fibre line.

BitCo team 1

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BitCo 10Gbps fibre tested – Pure speed