100Mbps fibre in the middle of nowhere

To find the small village of Dudfield on a map is not easy. It is located in the rural North West province and is surrounded by farms.

This village of 49 homes, which is located around 30km from Lichtenburg, was built to house families who work at the Afrisam cement factory.

The village only has a small shop, a bottle store, and a clubhouse where the locals have a few beers after work.

What makes this rural village unique, apart from the high-quality cement the factory produces, is that its residents enjoy 100Mbps uncapped fibre-to-the-home.

The map below shows where Dudfield is located.

Fibre in rural North West

The fibre network in Dudfield was built by TrueCom – a telecommunications company based in Ventersdorp which has rolled out an extensive broadband network in the North West province.

TrueCom has over 4,500 broadband clients in towns like Lichtenburg and Ventersdorp, as well as farms and small settlements.

TrueCom offers a wide range of fibre packages, ranging from R410 per month for an uncapped 6Mbps package to R5,005 per month for their top-of-the-range service.

All of its fibre-to-the-home services are symmetrical, which means the download and upload speeds are the same.

Dudfield resident interview

MyBroadband interviewed a family living in Dudfield, and the freedom which uncapped 100Mbps fibre offered them quickly became apparent.

They cut their DStv connection in favour of Netflix and YouTube, and the children, although still very young, are completely digitally literate.

Their entertainment moved from watching television to online activities, and large downloads like games which used to take a day are now done in minutes.

Although they live in a remote rural village, they are as connected to the world as their counterparts in major cities.

Fibre rollout in rural areas

While getting 100Mbps in a small rural village like Dudfield is unique, many small towns are now getting fibre.

Some fibre network operators – like TrueCom and Safricom – focus exclusively on rolling out fibre networks in rural areas.

This means that people in towns like Klerksdorp, Ventersdorp, and Lichtenburg enjoy fibre access while many households in metropolitan areas are still using DSL or wireless connections.

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100Mbps fibre in the middle of nowhere