Frogfoot fibre problems resolved

Update – Frogfoot confirmed to MyBroadband that the network problems it was experiencing have been resolved as of 26 August.

Users with Frogfoot fibre packages across multiple Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have reported problems with their fibre connections.

These subscribers have been reporting issues with high latencies, increased packet loss, and lower speeds than what they are paying for.

According to complaints on social media and the MyBroadband forum, customers were told by multiple ISPs that the problem was due to an issue with Frogfoot’s network.

This was also confirmed by Frogfoot representatives on the MyBroadband forum and social media platforms.

User reports

Many users reported that they were getting download and upload speeds far lower than what they were paying for, with others stating that they were experiencing higher latencies in conjunction with this issue.

High packet loss was another common complaint across the network’s coverage zones, with customers filing support tickets through their various ISPs which would then be passed on to Frogfoot itself.

These reports flooded in over the last week, with many users complaining of slow speeds persisting for days at a time.

Some users reported their line speed dropping from 100Mbps to 15Mbps in some cases, or from 500Mbps to 152Mbps in others.

Shortly after these reports began appearing, Frogfoot issued statements on social media addressing the problems.

“We are aware of the slow speed issues that are occurring, and we have had our senior teams actively investigating these reports,” the company said.

Update – Issues resolved

Shortly after publication, Frogfoot told MyBroadband that the network problems it was experiencing had been resolved.

“During the past week, Frogfoot experienced a multitude of issues and worked in the background with all Internet Service Providers in order to resolve them.”

“Frogfoot currently feels confident that the issues are resolved, and we encourage users to test again where they feel the service is not performing as expected.”

The fibre operator said that it engaged directly with a number of end-users following the implementation of various fixes, and it has received positive responses so far.

“Frogfoot will endeavour in future to provide proactive updates of issues when they are happening on a larger scale,” the company told MyBroadband. “We are committed to being the fibre provider of choice.”

Frogfoot has also posted a full technical explanation of the network problems and their subsequent resolution on the MyBroadband forum.

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Frogfoot fibre problems resolved