Telkom fibre nightmare – Botched upgrade and cancellation

A MyBroadband reader recently contacted us regarding their Telkom fibre package, which has caused them severe stress over the past year.

The reader encountered a number of issues as they tried to upgrade the speed of their fibre line, and again when they tried to cancel it.

Cancelling the package was difficult as the customer’s fibre line is on Openserve, which, according to previous reports, can be challenging to deal with when switching ISPs.

Telkom’s customer support has also proven difficult to negotiate for many customers, with multiple reports of problems surfacing over the past year.

Many users have said they continue to be billed after cancelling their products, and the reader who contacted us had a similar problem, which began with them attempting to upgrade their fibre line speed.

Fibre “upgrade”

In January 2019, the customer went to a physical Telkom branch and attempted to upgrade their Openserve fibre line from 10Mbps to 20Mbps.

They had to complete a form and apply to increase their line speed, after which they did not hear back from Telkom for over a month.

In March, a Telkom representative called the customer and offered them an upgrade on their fibre line, to which they responded that they had already tried to apply for an upgrade.

Two months passed before they received another call stating that the upgrade on their fibre line had been completed and it should now be running at 20Mbps.

However, the customer conducted a speed test the next day and found that their line was still running at 10Mbps. They contacted Telkom’s support staff through the live chat on the Telkom website.

This support agent told them that the upgrade was still pending and had not been completed.

Trying to cancel

The customer subsequently gave up on the line upgrade and opted to move to another ISP in August 2019.

They cancelled all their fibre products through Telkom’s website and signed up with a new ISP, which told them that the Openserve line must be released by Telkom before they could activate it.

A few days later, Telkom called the customer and asked them why they were cancelling their service, to which they responded that they had ordered a fibre line upgrade in January and the ISP had been unable to process this request.

They then received a bill which had been backdated to January for the use of the 20Mbps fibre line, despite their line speed never actually being upgraded.

The customer was told they should contact Telkom’s sales department to resolve the issue and “downgrade to a 10Mbps line”.

When the customer checked their Telkom app and website, the three reference numbers provided to them for cancelling all their services have been marked as “resolved”.

Despite this, their 10Mbps line is still active and being billed as a 20Mbps line, and support staff at the call centre have been unable to provide a solution for the situation.

MyBroadband contacted Telkom for feedback regarding this issue, but the company did not respond by the time of publication.

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Telkom fibre nightmare – Botched upgrade and cancellation