My fibre went down and everything was terrible

My fibre went down at home this week. It was horrible.

The only thing worse than finding your house on fire as you pull into your driveway after work is seeing that read LOS light on your fibre ONT slowly pulsing.

I tried to bring it back to life by turning it off and on again, shouting at it, and then turning it off and on again.

The only good which came from this was discovering how dirty the floor was in the corner where my ONT and router are placed. Some advice: if you are restarting your router, wear socks.

I WhatsApped my ISP and told them my fibre line was down. They confirmed there was a fault on the network provider’s side and they would open a ticket.

As it was 19:00 on a Wednesday, I had no hopes of a technician coming out then and there. This meant no Internet at my house, as the only backup connection I had was an iPhone with 2GB of contract data.

The data had to last until the end of the month, and using this to watch a Netflix series would be more expensive than driving to a store and buying the DVD box set.

Instagram is terrible

If the Internet did not require electricity to work, I would rather have load-shedding than no connectivity.

I sat on my couch in the dark, my knees pulled to my chest with a small blanket over me.

I could not watch Netflix or YouTube. I could not watch DStv, as I only use DStv Now.

Gaming. Yes, I would game.

Except all my games are on Steam, and opening my favourite RTS revealed that all the maps I usually conduct war on were from the Steam Workshop and could not be accessed when in offline mode.

Facebook was even worse.

After 10 minutes of scrolling through posts from people I went to school with stating “How happy we are in New Zealand. It is so safe and clean here”, I had to bail.

No one is that happy about where they live. Additionally, you had to move in with your uncle and aunt while you “look for your own place” and you take the bus to work.

Instagram was no better.

Every second person is selling an online training programme and tags the companies they bought their clothes from. Not sponsored – they bought their own clothes, and then tagged the brand.

You are not fooling us, we know Adidas did not sponsor those three pairs of shoes you took a photo of still in their boxes, on your bed, next to a conveniently-placed knock-off Louis Vuitton handbag.

My remaining options were no better. Reading is a before-bed activity, it was a rest day (no gym), and I had already consumed an unhealthily-high amount of news at work.

These are the moments you realise how boring your life really is.

Data usage

And now we must come to the moral of the story. Well, there isn’t one, really.

Not having Internet is really kak – even if you have a mobile connection.

I have a 200Mbps uncapped fibre account, live alone, and am by no means a power user. However, I still consume over 300GB per month on average.

Even on the weekdays with the lowest amount of usage, at least 3GB of data is flowing through the pipes.

If you have a family and your connection goes down, how do you survive?

More distressing is the thought of not having a good fibre, DSL, or fixed-LTE package at all.

According to historians, a lack of connectivity resulted in rituals known as “family dinner” where groups of hominids gathered around a wooden table to share the day’s kill.

Thank goodness for technology.

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My fibre went down and everything was terrible