The most popular fibre and LTE packages in South Africa

Fibre and LTE broadband services are seeing impressive growth as South Africans migrate from ADSL to newer technologies.

In addition to being more affordable than equivalent ADSL products, fibre packages offer better upload speeds, no line rental fee, and less exposure to problems such as cable theft.

Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) also offer truly uncapped, unshaped fibre packages on a month-to-month basis, allowing customers to download more content at higher speeds than ever before.

Fixed-LTE products have also become significantly cheaper over the years, with companies like Supersonic now offering 300GB packages for R749 per month.

This makes fixed-LTE a relatively affordable alternative to fibre in areas where there is no coverage.

We asked prominent South African ISPs which of their fibre and LTE products were the most popular among their customers.


Vox told MyBroadband that its 10Mbps uncapped fibre package is currently its most popular product.

When it comes to fixed-LTE, Vox said the most popular packages were those with data caps between 20GB and 60GB.

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RSAWEB said it has noticed that clients are still very price-sensitive.

“Thus, despite being able to enjoy speeds of up to 1,000Mbps, clients are still opting for the lower packages and often upgrading later,” the ISP said.

“Our 10 and 20Mbps packages are still the most popular, but there has definitely been an increase in clients that want to enjoy the limitless experience of a 1Gbps line.”

RSAWEB said that its most popular fixed-LTE packages were higher-capped products – generally 200GB and above.


Supersonic offers fibre over its own network and other operators, as well as fixed-LTE over MTN’s mobile network.

The ISP told MyBroadband that its most popular fibre package is its 10Mbps uncapped, unshaped product, which costs R695 per month and includes a free-to-use router.

When it comes to fixed-LTE, the company said its best-performing product was its 120GB package, which is priced at R399 per month and also includes a router.



MWEB said that both its 10Mbps and 100Mbps fibre packages had proven popular among South Africans.

“The entry-level consumer 10Mbps packages are very popular, but we are also seeing great uptake on the 100Mbps packages,” the ISP told MyBroadbamd.

Within its fixed-LTE offerings, MWEB said there was no package which had a significant difference in popularity to its others.

“There is no real stand-out package at present,” it said.



Cybersmart does not offer LTE, but it does offer one of the best-value fibre packages in South Africa on its own network.

This product, which is a 500Mbps uncapped service priced at R899 per month, is its most popular package at the moment.

The 500Mbps package is exclusive to the company’s own Lightspeed fibre network.

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The most popular fibre and LTE packages in South Africa