Cool Ideas fibre price hikes on Openserve and Vumatel

Cool Ideas is increasing its fibre prices for users on the Openserve and Vumatel networks, the company announced in an email sent to customers.

Along with the price increase details, Cool Ideas provided an explanation for the changes.

“All of the fibre networks that we operate on, operate on an open-access principle – where ISPs lease the line from the fibre network at a wholesale price,” said Cool Ideas.

“We then supply our internet service over the fibre line.”

“In an ever-growing industry and within a highly-competitive environment, we have avoided price increases for as long as possible by absorbing Fibre Network Operator price increases ourselves,” it said.

“Unfortunately, annual price increases and package changes from Openserve are a reality, and not something we control, and this year we are forced to increase some of our subscriptions.”

The ISP said that these price increases were implemented in light of the package and rate changes from both Openserve and Vumatel.

The new prices will come into effect from 1 March 2020.

The new Vumatel and Openserve fibre package prices are detailed below, along with the old price for each package.

New Openserve pricing

The new pricing for Cool Ideas packages on Openserve is below.


Package Old Price New Price
10/5Mbps R499 R599
20/10Mbps R799 R819
40/20Mbps R999 R999
100/50Mbps R1,199 R1,199
200/100Mbps R1,499 R1,499

New Vumatel pricing

The new pricing for Cool Ideas packages on Vumatel is below.

It should be noted that the 100/100Mbps and 200/200Mbps fibre packages on Vumatel have actually had their prices slightly reduced.

Vuma new logo

Package Old Price New Price
10/2Mbps R649 R689
10/10Mbps R699 R729
20/2Mbps R809 R829
20/20Mbps R909 R929
50/5Mbps R959 R969
50/50Mbps R1,069 R1,049
100/10Mbps R1,119 R1,119
100/100Mbps R1,219 R1,199
200/20Mbps R1,419 R1,419
200/200Mbps R1,519 R1,499
1Gbps/100Mbps R1,499 R1,499

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Cool Ideas fibre price hikes on Openserve and Vumatel