Uncapped fibre prices from top ISPs – Here are the best deals

Cool Ideas recently increased its fibre prices on Openserve and Vumatel’s networks. These price changes will come into effect on 1 March 2020.

The price increases from Cool Ideas followed an announcement by Vumatel that it is increasing wholesale prices on its entry-level fibre products.

Vumatel explained that load-shedding and increased maintenance costs forced the company to increase the prices on some of its products.

Openserve’s high IP Connect (IPC) costs are also putting financial pressure on ISPs which offer uncapped products to their clients.

ISPs are forced to buy IP Connect bandwidth from Openserve as it is the only way to provide Internet over the company’s ADSL, VDSL, or fibre-to-the-home networks.

The high price for this bandwidth and the growing use of data by uncapped fibre subscribers means that many ISPs make a loss on Openserve products.

While Cool Ideas announced price adjustments to address Vumatel’s price increases and Openserve’s high IPC prices, other ISPs are still assessing what to do.

ISPs which MyBroadband spoke to said it is becoming difficult to absorb the increased costs, especially when they are already subsidizing a free router and installation.

Announcements from these ISPs regarding potential price changes are expected in the next three weeks.

ISP Uncapped Fibre Price Comparison

The tables below provide an overview of uncapped fibre prices from prominent ISPs on Openserve and Vumatel’s networks.

Uncapped Fibre Prices on Openserve


ISP Package New Price
RSAWEB 10/5Mbps R595
Cool Ideas 10/5Mbps R599
Supersonic 10/5Mbps R645
Axxess 10/5Mbps R645
Telkom 10/5Mbps R649
Afrihost 10/5Mbps R667
Telkom 20/10Mbps R699
RSAWEB 20/10Mbps R795
Supersonic 20/10Mbps R795
Afrihost 20/10Mbps R797
Axxess 20/10Mbps R805
Cool Ideas 20/10Mbps R819
RSAWEB 40/20Mbps R895
Afrihost 40/20Mbps R917
Axxess 40/20Mbps R935
Supersonic 40/20Mbps R955
Cool Ideas 40/20Mbps R999
Telkom 40/20Mbps R1,199
RSAWEB 100/50Mbps R1,095
Afrihost 100/50Mbps R1,117
Axxess 100/50Mbps R1,135
Supersonic 100/50Mbps R1,145
Cool Ideas 100/50Mbps R1,199
Telkom 100/50Mbps R1,499
RSAWEB 200/100Mbps R1,395
Afrihost 200/100Mbps R1,497
Cool Ideas 200/100Mbps R1,499
Axxess 200/100Mbps R1,505
Supersonic 200/100Mbps R1,549
Telkom 200/100Mbps R1,799

Uncapped Fibre Prices on Vumatel

Vuma new logo

ISP Package New Price
MWEB 10/10Mbps R679
Supersonic 10/10Mbps R695
Afrihost 10/10Mbps R699
RSAWEB 10/10Mbps R699
Axxess 10/10Mbps R705
Cool Ideas 10/10Mbps R729
Supersonic 20/20Mbps R845
RSAWEB 20/20Mbps R849
Afrihost 20/20Mbps R857
Axxess 20/20Mbps R865
Cool Ideas 20/20Mbps R929
MWEB 20/20Mbps R959
Telkom 20/20Mbps R1,008
RSAWEB 50/50Mbps R989
Supersonic 50/50Mbps R995
Cool Ideas 50/50Mbps R1,049
Afrihost 50/50Mbps R1,067
Axxess 50/50Mbps R1,075
MWEB 50/50Mbps R1,169
Telkom 50/50Mbps R1,614
RSAWEB 100/100Mbps R1,139
Supersonic 100/100Mbps R1,195
Afrihost 100/100Mbps R1,197
Cool Ideas 100/100Mbps R1,199
Axxess 100/100Mbps R1,205
MWEB 100/100Mbps R1,369
Telkom 100/100Mbps R2,219
RSAWEB 200/200Mbps R1,249
Afrihost 200/200Mbps R1,447
Axxess 200/200Mbps R1,455
Cool Ideas 200/200Mbps R1,499
MWEB 200/200Mbps R1,519
Supersonic 200/200Mbps R1,549
Axxess 1Gbps/100Mbps R1,495
Afrihost 1Gbps/100Mbps R1,497
Cool Ideas 1Gbps/100Mbps R1,499
Supersonic 1Gbps/100Mbps R2,599

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Uncapped fibre prices from top ISPs – Here are the best deals