MWEB fibre price hikes on Vumatel

MWEB has informed its customers on Vumatel packages that the price of their packages will be increased.

Customers on asymmetric uncapped fibre packages were told by the ISP that their monthly prices were increasing due to price hikes by Vumatel.

MWEB confirmed to MyBroadband that it has implemented these price changes to accommodate Vumatel’s wholesale price changes.

“Vumatel have increased their prices, and as such we have been forced to increase our prices to customers,” the ISP said.

“Only Vumatel customers were informed that their prices are increasing.”

This follows after similar price increases at other ISPs, who cited the same Vumatel wholesale price increases as the reason for their hikes.

New Vumatel pricing

MWEB told MyBroadband that its price changes would take effect from 1 March 2020 for new customers and 1 April 2020 for existing customers.

Price changes will only affect asymmetric uncapped packages on Vumatel’s network, which the ISP states are unshaped and unthrottled.

These packages include free connection and a free-to-use router, and are available on a month-to-month basis.

All asymmetric fibre packages on Vumatel received price increases, except for the 1Gbps/100Mbps product, which remained at R1,499 per month.

We used the new Vumatel package prices provided by MWEB and the existing pricing listed for the packages on their website to compare the price hikes below:

Package Old Price New Price Increase
10/2Mbps R579 R629 +8.6%
20/2Mbps R789 R829 +5.1%
50/5Mbps R939 R969 +3.2%
100/10Mbps R1,099 R1,129 +2.7%
200/20Mbps R1,339 R1,399 +4.5%
1,000/100Mbps R1,499 R1,499 +0.0%

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MWEB fibre price hikes on Vumatel