The cheapest way to watch Netflix in South Africa

Uncapped fibre paired with a Netflix subscription is one of the best entertainment offerings available to South Africans.

The combination is cheaper than a DStv Premium package and allows you to conduct a variety of other data-heavy applications at no extra cost.

To find out the cheapest way to watch Netflix in South Africa, we looked at the streaming requirements of Netflix, the price of home broadband, and the data usage of the streaming service.

Data usage

Watching Netflix in Full HD uses around 3.2GB per hour, which can quickly add up to a significant amount of data per month.

At an average Netflix daily view time of 1 hour and 11 minutes, this can end up being unaffordable for capped ADSL and LTE users – without accounting for other types of Internet usage.

This – along with line stability and low latency – is why uncapped fibre is a must-have for Netflix users, as it removes any limitations on the amount of content you can watch.

Data usage is only half of the story when it comes to streaming, however, as connection speed is also very important.

The resolution you can stream at on Netflix is limited by the speed of your Internet connection. This means that if you want to stream in UHD you will need a faster line than a user who only streams in Full HD.

If you have multiple devices streaming Netflix at the same time you will also need to take the demands on your home Internet connection into account.

The minimum home bandwidth requirements for Netflix streaming resolutions, as specified by Netflix, are below.

Resolution Bandwidth Required
SD (480p) 1.5Mbps
HD (720p) 3Mbps
Full HD (1080p) 5Mbps
4K/UHD (2160p) 25Mbps

The cheapest way to watch

Netflix has three package tiers – Basic, Standard, and Premium.

Each of these tiers enables streaming at a different resolution. They also vary in the number of viewing environments you can use per account.

The Netflix package tiers are detailed below.

  • Basic480p, 1 viewing device
  • Standard1080p, 2 viewing devices
  • Premium2160p, 4 viewing devices

The Basic, Standard, and Premium plans are priced at R99, R139, and R169 per month respectively.

We took the price of these packages and found the cheapest compatible fibre packages possible to determine how cheap it can be to watch Netflix on only one device.

We based our chosen fibre packages on the minimum bandwidth requirements outlined by Netflix, using the cheapest qualifying Openserve and Vumatel packages from Cool Ideas to compare products.


Fibre Package Netflix Package Total Price
10/5Mbps Uncapped Basic R698
10/5Mbps Uncapped Standard R738
40/20Mbps Uncapped Premium R1,168


Fibre Package Netflix Package Total Price
10/2Mbps Uncapped Basic R788
10/5Mbps Uncapped Standard R828
50/5Mbps Uncapped Premium R1,138

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The cheapest way to watch Netflix in South Africa