WonderNet – Vumatel and Openserve prices

SEACOM has revealed pricing for its new consumer ISP, WonderNet.

Launching in May, WonderNet will offer uncapped and unthrottled fibre products with speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 1Gbps.

All of the ISP’s packages will include a standard Wi-Fi router and will be available on a month-to-month basis.

Additionally, WonderNet packages will not be subject to a fair usage policy (FUP) or contention ratios.


Prices for WonderNet fibre packages start at R559 and are dependent on the location and last-mile service provider, SEACOM said.

The company provided MyBroadband with a price list for packages on South Africa’s biggest fibre networks – Vumatel and Openserve.

Pricing for WonderNet fibre packages on both networks starts at R599, and the ISP offers a maximum download speed of 1Gbps and 200Mbps on Vumatel and Openserve respectively.

Customers who use last-mile providers other than Openserve and Vumatel can complete a form on the ISP’s website for information about the packages available in their area.

Pricing for WonderNet fibre packages on Openserve and Vumatel are detailed below.

WonderNet Pricing
10/2 Mbps R599
10/10 Mbps R699
20/2 Mbps R799
20/20 Mbps R899
50/5 Mbps R999
50/50 Mbps R1,099
100/10 Mbps R1,199
100/100 Mbps R1,299
200/20 Mbps R1,399
200/200 Mbps R1,499
1,000/100 Mbps R2,499
10/5 Mbps R599
20/10 Mbps R699
40/20 Mbps R899
100/50 Mbps R1,099
200/100 Mbps R1,380

Digital support

SEACOM said that a defining feature of WonderNet will be a mobile app-based support platform that will offer quick turnaround times and 24/7 support to customers.

“Consumers require a simple, fast and effective way to do business and connect themselves and more importantly, their families, with the digital world,” said SEACOM head of FTTH and SME Matthew Campbell.

“Traditional methods of doing business don’t cater to the consumer anymore. This is how the WonderNet concept was born.”

“Our mobile app-driven, one touch-point architecture allows consumers to easily check their usage, invoicing, and how their order is progressing.”

This platform will also allow customers to log support tickets, perform speed tests, and access 24/7 support without the frustration of sitting on calls.

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WonderNet – Vumatel and Openserve prices