WonderNet vs Afrihost, Supersonic, Cool Ideas – Uncapped fibre prices

SEACOM recently launched a new consumer fibre Internet service provider called WonderNet.

SEACOM said it has developed a digital platform for the ISP, which will go live in May 2020 when it launches its commercial services.

“We invested in its digital support infrastructure for WonderNet, which will provide customers with fast and efficient support,” said SEACOM’s head of FTTH Matthew Campbell.

“Our mobile app-driven, one touch-point architecture allows consumers to easily check their usage, invoicing, and how their order is progressing.”

SEACOM said WonderNet leverages the quality of its connectivity to offer consumers the capacity they need.

Uncapped fibre price comparison

WonderNet will launch uncapped and unthrottled fibre products with speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 1Gbps this month.

All these packages will include a standard Wi-Fi router and will be available on a month-to-month basis.

Additionally, WonderNet packages will not be subject to a fair usage policy or contention ratios.

WonderNet is entering a highly-competitive field with strong players, however, including Afrihost, Supersonic, Axxess, RSAWEB, Cool Ideas, Telkom, and MWEB.

This raises the question as to how its prices compare. The table below answers that question.

Please note that the Vumatel pricing is for symmetrical lines.

Uncapped 10Mbps FTTH
ISP Openserve Vumatel
RSAWEB R595 R695
Supersonic R695 R695
Afrihost R597 R699
WonderNet R599 R699
Axxess R645 R705
Cool Ideas R599 R729
Telkom R649
Uncapped 20Mbps FTTH
ISP Openserve Vumatel
RSAWEB R795 R845
Afrihost R797 R857
Axxess R805 R865
Supersonic R795 R895
WonderNet R699 R899
Cool Ideas R819 R929
Telkom R699 R1,008
MWEB R1,029
Uncapped 40Mbps FTTH
ISP Openserve Vumatel
WonderNet R899
Afrihost R917
Axxess R935
Supersonic R955
Cool Ideas R999
Telkom R1,199
Uncapped 50Mbps FTTH
ISP Openserve Vumatel
Supersonic N/A R995
Cool Ideas R1,049
Afrihost R1,067
Axxess R1,075
WonderNet R1,099
MWEB R1,189
Telkom R1,614
Uncapped 100Mbps FTTH
ISP Openserve Vumatel
RSAWEB R1,095 R1,195
Supersonic R1,145 R1,195
Afrihost R1,117 R1,197
Cool Ideas R1,199 R1,199
Axxess R1,135 R1,205
WonderNet R1,099 R1,299
MWEB R1,389
Telkom R1,499 R2,219
Uncapped 200Mbps FTTH
ISP Openserve Vumatel
Afrihost R1,497 R1,447
Axxess R1,505 R1,455
RSAWEB R1,395 R1,495
WonderNet R1,380 R1,499
Cool Ideas R1,499 R1,499
MWEB R1,539
Supersonic R1,549 R1,549
Telkom R1,799
Uncapped 1,000Mbps FTTH
ISP Openserve Vumatel
Axxess N/A R1,495
Afrihost R1,497
Cool Ideas R1,499
MWEB R1,499
WonderNet R2,499
Supersonic R2,599

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WonderNet vs Afrihost, Supersonic, Cool Ideas – Uncapped fibre prices