Uncapped Internet with bundled DStv for R1,299 – What to expect from ISPs

MultiChoice recently launched a number of new products, including a standalone streaming service which will allow customers to sign up for DStv and stream content exclusively through its online platform.

The company also announced that it plans to partner with local networks and ISPs to offer bundled packages that include both uncapped Internet and DStv streaming packages.

“DStv will soon be partnering with telecommunications and Internet Service Providers to offer bundled packages which combine the benefits of uncapped internet connectivity, with access to the package of your choice, at incredible value prices,” MultiChoice said.

This could be great news for new DStv customers, as the bundling of DStv packages with fibre connections will most likely offer cheaper pricing than the separate costs of these services.

MultiChoice has stated that customers who sign up for a standalone DStv bouquet without a satellite connection will pay the same price for their package, and it noted that streaming customers will not be able to record or play back recorded content, but will have access to BoxOffice.

“Showmax remains included in the price of a DStv Premium package experience, too, and streaming-only customers will also be able to access that,” the company said.

This means that an uncapped Internet connection bundled with DStv Premium will also include access to Showmax.

Local ISPs keen to bundle

MultiChoice said that it was in discussions with various ISPs, adding that it would make an announcement regarding the bundling of these services in due course.

MyBroadband asked a number of local ISPs whether they were in discussions with DStv over bundling the service with their uncapped broadband offerings.

None of the companies was able to confirm that they would offer this product, with many saying they had not yet been contacted by DStv.

Many local ISPs said they were enthusiastic about the idea of bundling DStv with their uncapped products.

Cool Ideas’ Paul Butschi told MyBroadband that the ISP believes there is potential for strong adoption of this product on the basis that there is a cost-saving opportunity available compared to normal delivery methods.

Mind the Speed shares this view, adding that the adoption of this bundled offering would depend on DStv’s price point.

From R999 for bundled DStv

Cybersmart CTO Laurie Fialkov told MyBroadband that the ISP has reached out to DStv for more information on their wholesale bundled offering as they are very interested in this offer.

“As most of our customers are already using DStv Now, a bundled offering would be great for us. It certainly takes away the nightmare of a DStv-over-fibre implementation in multi-storey buildings,” he said.

Fialkov added that a bundled offering through ISPs gives MultiChoice the opportunity to reduce prices, which could result in a price-to-consumer of between R999 and R1,299 for a bundled DStv service on its Lightspeed network.

“Depending on DStv’s discount to us, we could offer a bundled 500Mbps service between the R999 and R1,299 mark,” Fialkov said.

He added this bundled service would effectively ensure that new DStv subscribers would benefit most from the discount offered by this type of product.

“A bundled offering would effectively ensure that discounts would only be given to new DStv subscribers because the bundled Internet and DStv service will be more than the retail satellite service, so they will not cannibalise the customer base that requires DStv only as the overall cost of the Internet and DStv bundle will be more than a standalone satellite service,” Fialkov said.

He said that another major benefit offered by this bundled Internet offering would be the cost savings over existing DStv-over-fibre installations.

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Uncapped Internet with bundled DStv for R1,299 – What to expect from ISPs