Why these Afrihost customers will miss out on free speed upgrades

Several Afrihost customers will not be able to get the free fibre line speed upgrades on offer as part of its newly launched double up promotion.

Last week, the ISP sent an email to certain customers in which it indicated it would double their fibre speeds for the rest of 2020, as well as for January 2021.

“You can double your fibre speed for no extra cost for the rest of 2020 (and we’ll throw in January as well so 2021 can get off to a great start!),” Afrihost said.

Customers will only start being charged for the double line speed as of 1 February 2021, Afrihost added.

“All our fibre clients on all our fibre networks we support can upgrade to the next higher package,” Afrihost CEO Gian Visser said.

However, numerous Afrihost customers have since complained they have been told their packages do not qualify for the free upgrade.

Price override

One customer told MyBroadband an agent on Afrihost’s WhatsApp support line had told him there are specific criteria which need to be met in order to qualify for the package.

The agent said those who were on qualifying packages, would be sent an email with a link to perform the upgrade.

They added that since there was a “price override” on the customer’s package, he did not qualify for the promotion.

Below are the messages between the customer and Afrihost’s WhatsApp support line.

Afrihost WhatsApp

Legacy packages

In response to a question from a customer on a Pure Fibre 8Mbps product, Afrihost further said that those who still use legacy Openserve or Vumatel products are excluded.

It explained this was because “an upgrade means the old package would no longer be available, so you will never be able to downgrade back to it”.

Afrihost said that clients with discounts or custom pricing are eligible for the promotion.

“If a client with custom pricing decides to opt in, they will get an upgrade and continue paying the discounted price until 31 January 2021.”

The company noted, however, that if a client with custom pricing opts in for the promotion, their custom pricing will be voided once the promo ends.

If they decide to move back to the speed they were originally on, they will start paying the normal catalogue price and cannot move back to their custom pricing.

Frogfoot customers will also benefit from Afrihost’s own speed upgrade.

“If an Afrihost Frogfoot client takes up the Afrihost Double Fibre Speed promotion, the package will be upgraded on Afrihost’s side as per our criteria,” Afrihost said.

“The Frogfoot relief incentive will then be applied on top of the new upgraded package.”

Qualifying networks

MyBroadband asked Afrihost why the particular packages do not qualify for the promotion.

The ISP said that all Afrihost clients on the following fibre networks qualify for the promotion:

  • Balwin Fibre
  • Century City Connect
  • Clear Access
  • Connectivity Services at Steyn City
  • Evotel
  • Frogfoot
  • Link Africa
  • MetroFibre
  • Mitsol
  • Netstream
  • Octotel
  • SADV
  • Teralink
  • TT Connect
  • Vuma (excluding Vuma Reach)

The exclusion of Vuma Reach is due to the billing relationship of this service between Vumatel and Afrihost.

Payments are not directly made to Afrihost, and as such, Afrihost cannot alter package pricing for Vuma Reach clients for the duration of the promotion.


Afrihost also shared a list of criteria which need to be met for a client to qualify for the promotion.

These conditions are as follows:

  • The account needs to be in good standing.
  • The product should be in an active state.
  • If a client scheduled a cancellation for the end of the month, they will not be eligible to take advantage of the promo.
  • If the installation of the fibre line is still pending, the client will only qualify for the promotion once the line has been installed and activated.

In addition, there should be a valid package upgrade path, which means that if a customer already has the maximum line speed offered on a particular fibre network, they cannot be upgraded to a higher package.

Asymmetrical line speeds can only be upgraded to the next available asymmetrical line speed.

“For example, 10/2Mbps can be upgraded to 20/2Mbps,” Afrihost stated.

Similarly, symmetrical line speeds can only be upgraded to the next available symmetrical line speed.

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Why these Afrihost customers will miss out on free speed upgrades