Afrihost fibre customers to get free speed upgrades

Afrihost fibre clients who use Openserve infrastructure are getting free line speed upgrades in March.

Earlier this month, Openserve informed Internet service providers (ISPs) it would be implementing connection speed upgrades across its fibre and copper products from 1 March 2021.

A number of low-speed Openserve connections are also being phased out of its product portfolio, and retail customers with these connections will be upgraded to the new minimum product.

The speed upgrades which will kick in next month include:

  • 10Mbps services will be upgraded to 25Mbps whilst remaining at the 10Mbps price.
  • 20Mbps services will be upgraded to 50Mbps whilst remaining at the 20Mbps price.
  • 50Mbps services will be upgraded to 100Mbps whilst remaining at the 50Mbps price.
  • 100Mbps services will be upgraded to 200Mbps whilst remaining at the 100Mbps price.
  • 200Mbps services remain at the same speed but at the reduced 100Mbps price.

Afrihost CEO Gian Visser said the bill for their 200Mbps fibre clients will automatically be adjusted and they will save R380 per month from March.

The speed upgrades will incur additional IPC charges for ISPs as they will have to purchase additional capacity to accommodate the higher speeds.

The good news is that Afrihost will absorb this cost.

“We are very happy to take this knock and give our loyal clients way more speed on their Openserve Pure Fibre for the same price,” said Visser.

“2020 and 2021 have been tough years and it’s really great to be able to bring some good news to our clients,” he said.

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Afrihost fibre customers to get free speed upgrades