Free fibre speed upgrades for Axxess customers – 50Mbps for R745

Axxess has announced free fibre speed upgrades for its customers on the Frogfoot Fibre network.

The changes will see Frogfoot’s fibre line speed upgrade promotion – which has been active since 1 April 2020 – become permanent.

This means that most Axxess customers will get double their line speed with no increase in price.

“Clients with 20Mbps, 50Mbps and 100Mbps speeds will be upgraded to 50Mbps, 100Mbps or 200Mbps, respectively,” Axxess said.

“Existing 200Mbps, 500Mbps and 1000Mbps services remain at the same speed, with a potential saving,” it added.

Importantly, Axxess said that the speed upgrade will now be applicable to all Axxess Frogfoot fibre customers, including those in previously excluded areas in the Eastern Cape and the Garden Route.

The upgrade process will be deployed in a phased approach during the month of May 2021.

“Clients should make sure that their current hardware supports their new line speed,” Axxess stated.

The ISP added that customers will be able to downgrade to a more suitable line speed via the client control panel should they feel they don’t require the extra speed.

No more 10Mbps

Axxess has also discontinued the 10/10Mbps fibre line speed and replaced it with either a 30Mbps/3Mbps or 30Mbps/30Mbps package.

These customers will get a free upgrade to the 30Mbps/30Mbps package during May, after which the new price of R725 will apply from June onwards.

There is also an option of a 30Mbps/3Mbps package at R665 per month.

The table below shows the new speeds and prices of Axxess fibre packages on the Frogfoot network.

Old speed New speed Price
10/10Mbps 30/3Mbps R665
30/30Mbps R725
20/2Mbps 50/5Mbps R745
20/20Mbps 50/50Mbps R835
50/5Mbps 100/10Mbps R865
50/50Mbps 100/100Mbps R935
100/10Mbps 200/200Mbps R1,045
100/100Mbps 200/200Mbps R1,045
200/200Mbps 200/200Mbps R1,045
500/500Mbps 500/500Mbps R1,595
1,000/1,000Mbps 1,000/1,000Mbps R1,895

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Free fibre speed upgrades for Axxess customers – 50Mbps for R745