New Telkom fibre-to-the-home pre-order promotion – with free 200GB LTE data

Telkom has launched a new fibre-to-the-home pre-order promotion for people in areas where Openserve is planning to roll out fibre.

The promotion promises to have people set up within 60 days from the day of their order and at no additional cost to them.

What this means, in simple terms, is that people who apply will only be charged from the date when the service becomes active.

Pricing starts at R399 for an uncapped service with a downlink speed of 25Mbps and uplink speed of 5Mbps, and increases to R1,169 for a symmetrical 200Mbps connection.

Applicants who sign a 24-month contract will receive free installation and a D-Link AC1200 router as part of the promotion.

A benefit of Telkom’s pre-order fibre promotion is that people will receive free 200GB LTE while they wait.

The 200GB LTE SIM – with a SmartBroadband Wireless prepaid account with 100GB + 100GB once-off Telkom data bundle – will be delivered to people who apply for this offer.

“The customer will top-up at their own expense once the 100GB of pre-loaded LTE/3G data runs out,” Telkom said.

The SIM only works in areas with Telkom Mobile LTE/3G network coverage, with no option for roaming.

This means that only people within the Openserve Fibre planned areas and within the Telkom LTE/3G footprint qualify for this offer.

The image below provides an overview of Telkom’s new fibre-to-the-home pre-order promotion.

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New Telkom fibre-to-the-home pre-order promotion – with free 200GB LTE data