Mweb clients experience downtime

Vumatel network problems have impacted a small group of Mweb customers who have been left without Internet access.

In one of these incidents, a Vumatel network outage affected all ISPs, and in another a cable break caused downtime in a specific area.

Mweb has informed clients that the problem lies with Vumatel. Vumatel has, however, denied this, saying its infrastructure is working perfectly, and the problem lies with Mweb.

Several Mweb clients have contacted MyBroadband to report that they are experiencing issues, and Twitter contains posts from irate clients who have been offline for two days.

One client said that she noticed their line went down at 08:00 on Tuesday morning.

Another client who contacted MyBroadband said they reported the problem to Mweb yesterday.

Mweb told them that many subscribers from Sandton, Rosebank, and Bryanston were experiencing the same issue.

Mweb informed some clients that the issue was with their Vumatel line and that it had escalated the issue.

However, Vumatel would then inform the client that their line looked fine, and the issue was with Mweb.

Stockbroker David Shapiro reported on Twitter that his connection has been offline for 40 hours.

“Mweb, my service provider, can only tell me there is a problem. They have no idea what’s wrong and when it will be fixed,” Shapiro said.

“Tomorrow morning, I have a webinar for clients. I’m now officially in panic mode, scared Mweb’s bad service will win the race.”

Others have reported seemingly unrelated issues, indicating that their connections on Vumatel’s infrastructure are online but experience extreme packet loss during the evening peak.

“Why am I and two other friends — all on Mweb, all in different parts of the country — getting packet loss to Europe servers in games at around 20:00 every night?” one user asked.

“It lasts for about two hours each time.”

Another user responded, saying they saw the same issue on Vumatel, but on a different ISP.

Commenting on the downtime experienced by some Mweb clients, the ISP explained these are isolated and regional incidents.

“We have extensive monitoring in place and both senior staff and customers are alerted to any big outages,” Mweb said.

“Individual customer outages reported are handled case by case.”

Vumatel did not comment on the outages.

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Mweb clients experience downtime