Most affordable 1Gbps fibre packages available in South Africa — from R1,149 per month

Prominent ISPs in South Africa offer several 1Gbps packages at prices ranging from R1,149 to R2,489 per month.

Most medium and large households will find a 50Mbps or 100Mbps is more than sufficient for their needs.

However, these speeds might not suit bandwidth-intensive households where multiple gaming sessions and video streams are happening simultaneously.

Add to that a home office worker who needs to be able to share documents, backup files, and you could soon have an Internet-related incident of violence under your roof.

A 1Gbps fibre connection is the fastest speed available to home users in the country and will eliminate any issues with capacity.

This speed can handle numerous bandwidth-demanding workloads at once and theoretically lets you download files at up to 125MB/s.

This is fast enough to download a typical 4K movie of 14GB in less than 2 minutes or a 50GB AAA game in about 7 minutes.

In South Africa, four major fibre network operators offer 1Gpbs lines — Vumatel, Frogfoot, Octotel, and Evotel. These services are sold to home users through several major ISPs.

We compared the 1Gbps packages available from the major fibre ISPs to see which were the most expensive and affordable services.

We found that Webafrica had the four cheapest 1Gbps packages on offer, with the best being a symmetric line with an equivalent upload speed at R1,149 per month.

At the other end of the spectrum, Vox’s 1Gpbs package on Vumatel’s network was the most expensive, at R2,489.

The table below shows the 1Gbps fibre-to-the-home packages available from South Africa’s top fibre ISPs, listed from most affordable to most expensive.

Where prices were the same, the package with the highest upload speed ranked higher. If two packages also had the same upload speed, ISPs were ranked alphabetically.

1Gbps fibre packages in South Africa 
ISP Network Download speed Upload speed Price
Webafrica Frogfoot 1,000Mbps 1,000Mbps R1,149
Webafrica Evotel 1,000Mbps 500Mbps R1,199
Webafrica Octotel 1,000Mbps 100Mbps R1,199
Webafrica Vumatel 1,000Mbps 180Mbps R1,249
MWEB Frogfoot 1,000Mbps 100Mbps R1,299
RSAWEB Octotel 1,000Mbps 100Mbps R1,375
Axxess Evotel 1,000Mbps 500Mbps R1,395
RSAWEB Evotel 1,000Mbps 500Mbps R1,395
RSAWEB Vumatel 1,000Mbps 200Mbps R1,395
Axxess Octotel 1,000Mbps 100Mbps R1,395
Afrihost Octotel 1,000Mbps 100Mbps R1,397
Cool Ideas Evotel 1,000Mbps 500Mbps R1,399
Level-7 Evotel 1,000Mbps 500Mbps R1,399
MWEB Evotel 1,000Mbps 500Mbps R1,399
MWEB Octotel 1,000Mbps 100Mbps R1,399
Axxess Vumatel 1,000Mbps 200Mbps R1,445
Afrihost Vumatel 1,000Mbps 200Mbps R1,447
Vox Evotel 1,000Mbps 500Mbps R1,449
MWEB Vumatel 1,000Mbps 200Mbps R1,449
Vox Vumatel 1,000Mbps 200Mbps R1,449
RSAWEB Frogfoot 1,000Mbps 1,000Mbps R1,485
Afrihost Frogfoot 1,000Mbps 1,000Mbps R1,497
Afrihost Evotel 1,000Mbps 500Mbps R1,497
Level-7 Vumatel 1,000Mbps 200Mbps R1,497
Level-7 Frogfoot 1,000Mbps 1,000Mbps R1,499
MWEB Frogfoot 1,000Mbps 1,000Mbps R1,499
Cool Ideas Vumatel 1,000Mbps 200Mbps R1,499
Axxess Frogfoot 1,000Mbps 1,000Mbps R1,595
Vox Octotel 1,000Mbps 100Mbps R1,695
Cool Ideas Frogfoot 1,000Mbps 100Mbps R1,699
Cool Ideas Octotel 1,000Mbps 100Mbps R1,699
Vox Frogfoot 1,000Mbps 100Mbps R1,799
Vox Frogfoot 1,000Mbps 100Mbps R1,999
RSAWEB Vumatel 1,000Mbps 500Mbps R2,095
Axxess Vumatel 1,000Mbps 500Mbps R2,295
Afrihost Vumatel 1,000Mbps 500Mbps R2,297
Cool Ideas Vumatel 1,000Mbps 500Mbps R2,299
Level-7 Vumatel 1,000Mbps 500Mbps R2,299
Vox Vumatel 1,000Mbps 500Mbps R2,489

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Most affordable 1Gbps fibre packages available in South Africa — from R1,149 per month