Openserve offering free 20Mbps uncapped fibre for 30 days

Openserve has launched a promotion offering free uncapped fibre for 30 days to any customer in one of its coverage areas.

The deal launched at the start of the month and is available until 16 February 2022.

Only new fibre customers already within one of Openserve’s fibre areas qualify for the deal.

This includes Openserve Core and Openserve Web Connect regions but excludes pre-order areas.

You can sign up through the Openserve website or the Openserve Connect Mobile app to take up the offer.

Only one promotional service per address will be allowed.

Openserve said that it would inform customers of all the relevant timeframes by SMS, as follows:

  • At installation, stating the date when the free internet trial starts and when it ends
  • 7 days before the free trial expires
  • The day when the trial period of 30 days ends

It will install a Wi-Fi-enabled terminal for free, which may not be removed and remains the property of Openserve.

By applying for the promotional service, customers agree to be contacted by one or more Internet service providers (ISPs) during or after the campaign.

During the campaign, customers may approach an ISP of their choice to order a fibre broadband service to continue using the connection after the free 30 days expire.

Depending on the choice of fibre broadband service, your ISP may install additional equipment at your address.

Once an order is received for a new fibre product from your chosen ISP, Openserve will terminate the promotional service, and the new service will immediately be provisioned.

Openserve said it would try to provide a seamless transition from the free uncapped Internet offer to your chosen ISP, but there may be a short period of downtime.

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Openserve offering free 20Mbps uncapped fibre for 30 days