Vumatel testing 10 Gbps fibre

Vumatel says its 10 Gbps fibre offering is still under development, but testing is going well.

The fibre network operator initially announced plans to launch 10 Gbps services in March 2021, saying the commercial launch would follow a month-long testing phase with Cool Ideas.

MyBroadband contacted Vumatel to find out how the product was progressing.

“This product offering is still in its development stage, and we aren’t able to share any of these details until the development is finalised,” Vumatel said. “Testing is, however, going well.”

Vumatel CEO Dietlof Mare told TechCentral last March that they were conducting a four-week trial, after which they planned to launch their 10 Gbps service.

Mare said that pricing and upload speeds still had to be determined through consultation with its Internet service provider partners.

To fully use a 10 Gbps connection, you need top-of-the-line hardware capable of handling the speed.

Even the latest Wi-Fi technology would not be able to achieve maximum speeds over the connection — a 10 Gbps Ethernet port is required.

MyBroadband tested a 10Gbps BitCo business fibre connection in August 2019 and found that hard drive write speeds could not keep up with the link.

10Gbps products from other fibre operators

BitCo launched its 10Gbps fibre product, aimed at big corporates, for R39,995 per month in July 2019.

Other fibre providers offer this speed, but they do not specify default pricing. MyBroadband spoke to Liquid Telecom, Vodacom, and Vox shortly after BitCo launched its 10Gbps product.

Liquid Telecom said its 10Gbps business fibre product pricing is customer-specific and is dependent on the distance of the fibre build required.

Vox also said it doesn’t have a default price for this sort of connection.

“We don’t have an off the shelf product and treat all these requests on an ad-hoc basis to accommodate the customised solutions that this type of customer requires,” Vox told MyBroadband.

Vodacom said that its IP Connect dedicated service can offer speeds of up to 1Gbps and 10Gbps, depending on customer requirements.

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Vumatel testing 10 Gbps fibre