Afrihost cuts Vumatel fibre prices and launches 500Mbps package

Afrihost has reduced its Vumatel fibre package prices after the operator launched a promotion to increase subscriber line speeds for free.

Vumatel announced the promotion to Internet service providers last week.

Subscribers saw their line speeds upgraded to the next tier from 13 June.

Those on Vumatel 20/10Mbps packages will be upgraded to 50/50Mbps, those on 50/50Mbps will be upgraded to 100/100Mbps, and so on.

The promotion was initially set to expire on 31 August 2022 but has since been extended to 31 January 2023.

MyBroadband asked Afrihost whether its Vumatel pricing changes would fall away after the promotion expired, and it said the price cuts for the 20Mbps to 200Mbps packages were permanent for new signups.

“We are also offering free installation to all new Vuma signups,” Afrihost stated.

Afrihost has also introduced a 500Mbps Vumatel package for R1,199 per month — a first on the Vuma network.

Customers who elect to downgrade their package during Vumatel’s promotion will lose the benefit of the special, but will pay the new price as listed on the Afrihost website.

The table below summarises the changes to Afrihost’s Vumatel packages.

Afrihost Vuma package Old price New price
20/10 Mbps R727 R649
50/50 Mbps R927 R729
100/100 Mbps R1,047 R929
200/200 Mbps R1,197 R1,049
500/200 Mbps R1,199
1000/200 Mbps R1,497 R1,497
1000/500 Mbps R2,347 R2,347

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Afrihost cuts Vumatel fibre prices and launches 500Mbps package