Herotel hits major fibre milestone

Fibre operator Herotel says its network now passes 500,000 stands. The company said it would continue to execute its rollout plans at a consistent rate.

Although Herotel said it had been proactive in addressing the challenges of load-shedding, it acknowledged the inconvenience it causes customers and is exploring solutions to limit the effects of rotational power cuts.

MyBroadband asked Herotel about its fibre-to-the-home rollout plans for the rest of the year.

“Our goal is to connect 1 million stands with reliable and high-speed fibre internet,” it said.

“This year, we have been executing our rollout plans at a consistent run-rate with the aim of reaching as many households and businesses as possible.”

“We are also proud to announce that we have already achieved a significant milestone of connecting 500,000 stands to our fibre network,” Herotel added.

Herotel wants to connect one million stands to its network within three to five years.

The fibre network operator (FNO) told MyBroadband that it hadn’t been directly impacted by Eskom load-shedding but added that it is aware of the challenges its customers may face.

“Regarding load-shedding, we have been proactive in addressing this challenge,” it said.

“While load-shedding has not directly impacted our rollout plans, we recognize the potential inconvenience it may cause to our customers, they are paying for a service which cannot be used on certain days.”

“We are constantly exploring innovative solutions to limit the effects of power outages,” the FNO added.

Regarding specific solutions, Herotel said it is considering implementing alternative power supply options to prevent connectivity interruptions caused by load-shedding.

Herotel’s milestone of passing 500,000 stands with its network is significant.

The FNO has increased this figure substantially in recent months, with it reporting 150,000 homes passed in September and 345,000 in December 2022.

However, Herotel’s connection rate is unclear. The company only provides combined numbers for wireless and fibre customers, which stood at 150,000 in December 2022.

It previously told MyBroadband that although it still sees the opportunity for expansion in the country’s high-income markets, its primary focus is now on lower-income segments.

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Herotel hits major fibre milestone