Openserve home fibre price hikes — Big ISPs detail changes

South Africa’s biggest fibre Internet service providers (ISPs) are implementing varying price hikes on Openserve fibre-to-the-home packages from April 2024 due to the fibre network operator’s upcoming wholesale price increases.

MyBroadband first became aware of the price adjustments after Axxess emailed customers its updated pricing on Friday.

Openserve would not share its precise wholesale fibre price hikes with MyBroadband, stating that this was confidential information only shared with its partner ISPs.

However, a source in the industry has told us that Openserve will be increasing its tariffs as follows:

  • 50Mbps download speeds — +R50 (R57.50 including VAT)
  • 100Mbps, 200Mbps, and 300Mbps download speeds — +R40 (R46 including VAT)
  • 500Mbps downloads speed — +R30 (R34.50 including VAT)

These price changes don’t take into account additional bandwidth costs incurred by ISPs.

Therefore, if an ISP increases its prices by more than the wholesale hikes, it does not necessarily mean that the ISP has increased profit margins on those packages.

MyBroadband asked several prominent fibre ISPs how their consumer pricing would change due to Openserve’s increases, as most had not yet updated the prices on their websites.

In addition to having previously available information from Axxess, we sourced new prices from Afrihost, Cool Ideas, Vox, and Webafrica.

Major ISPs that did not share their updated pricing include Mweb, RSAWeb, and Telkom.

Most of the packages received price hikes between R40 and R70.

Webafrica remained the cheapest ISP on most packages, followed by Afrihost.

There is good news for some Afrihost customers on the higher-end packages, with the 300Mbps and 500Mbps products retaining their old prices.

Cool Ideas customers on the top-end 500Mbps package have received a discount of R70, despite Openserve increasing the price on this line by R34.50.

However, Cool Ideas is the most expensive option on all the other packages.

The table below summarises the changes in pricing on Openserve FTTH packages that MyBroadband was able to confirm by the time of publication.

Openserve FTTH price changes
ISP Old price Change due to Openserve hike New price
Axxess R565 +R30 R595
Afrihost R547 +R30 (existing customers) R577 (existing customers)
R597 (new customers)
Webafrica R549 +R60 R609
Vox R599 +R50 R649
Cool Ideas R639 +R60 R699
Afrihost R647 +R50 R697
Webafrica R639 +R60 R699
Vox R649 +R60 R709
Axxess R695 +R50 R745
Cool Ideas R692 +R57 R749
Webafrica R709 +R50 R759
Afrihost R747 +R50 R797
Vox R749 +R50 R799
Axxess R825 +R50 R875
Cool Ideas R850 +R49 R899
Webafrica R769 +R50 R819
Afrihost R877 +R20 R897
Vox R849 +R50 R899
Axxess R875 +R70 R945
Cool Ideas R944 +R45 R989
Webafrica R879 +R50 R919
Afrihost R997 +R50 R1,047
Vox R999 +R50 R1,049
Axxess R995 +R70 R1,065
Cool Ideas R1,049 +R50 R1,099
Webafrica R939 +R50 R989
Afrihost R1,047 +R50 R1,097
Vox R1,049 +R50 R1,099
Axxess R1,055 +R70 R1,125
Cool Ideas R1,143 +R46 R1,189
Webafrica R999 +R50 R1,049
Vox R1,149 +R50 R1,199
Afrihost R1,217 R1,217
Axxess R1,255 +R70 R1,295
Cool Ideas R1,322 +R47 R1,369
Webafrica R1,129 +R40 R1,169
Cool Ideas R1,459 -R70 R1,389
Afrihost R1,397 R1,397
Vox R1,349 +R50 R1,399
Axxess R1,425 +R70 R1,495

Compounded hikes

Several FTTH customers on Afrihost, Mweb, and RSAWeb on MyBroadband’s forum also complained that their ISPs had already increased prices on their FTTH packages in 2024, before the Openserve hikes.

Afrihost’s price adjustments were rather complicated.

Customers who signed up for Openserve FTTH packages before 1 January 2024, initially paid R547 per month.

This was increased by R30 to R577 in March 2024.

Those who signed up between 1 January and 29 February 2024 have received an “override” price of R547.

New customers who sign up from 1 March 2024, will be paying R597 per month.

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Openserve home fibre price hikes — Big ISPs detail changes