Cheapest fibre on South Africa’s top ISP

South African households can get entry-level fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) packages on over two dozen fibre networks from one of South Africa’s leading ISPs, priced at an average of R610 per month.

MyBroadband compared the prices of entry-level fibre packages across 27 networks run by 24 companies in June 2024.

There are numerous Internet service providers (ISPs) that offer South African consumers entry-level FTTH products.

For our comparison, we used Afrihost due to the company’s solid reputation in the industry and wide fibre network operator support.

The ISP has repeatedly topped Analytico’s South African ISP rankings, including in 2023 and the first quarter of 2024.

From the 26 entry-level FTTH packages available to general consumers through various fibre networks, the average price through Afrihost was R610.

Download speeds varied from 4Mbps to 75Mbps, with an average of 24Mbps, while upload speeds ranged between 1Mbps and 75Mbps and averaged at 18Mbps.

Due to these significant speed variations, MyBroadband calculated the price-per-Mbps for download speeds, which will be the most important performance metric for most Internet users.

We determined that the average price for 1Mbps of download speed was R25.42.

It should be noted that we excluded certain budget-oriented FTTH packages, such as Frogfoot Air, Openserve Web Connect, and Vuma Reach, as they are available exclusively in low-income areas.

Cheapest vs best value

The most affordable entry-level FTTH package was on Link Layer, priced at R257 per month for a line with a 10Mbps download speed and 10Mbps upload speed (10/10Mbps).

However, users with this package pay R25.70 per Mbps of download speed, slightly higher than the average.

Zoom Fibre’s 15/15Mbps package was the second-cheapest overall but offered better value, with a price of R17.80 for every 1Mbps of download speed.

Out of the five major open-access operators, Vumatel had the cheapest monthly price, while Frogfoot offered the best value.

Vumatel’s 25/25Mbps package for R449 per month was the third-cheapest option overall.

Frogfoot’s 60/30Mbps plan for R597 per month had an effective cost of R9.95 for 1Mbps of download speed, making it the best-value entry-level plan.

It just edged out Octotel’s 75/75Mbps plan, with an effective cost of R10.63 per Mbps.

Most expensive and worst-value options

On the opposite side of the comparison was Lightstruck East’s 20/20Mbps plan for R847 per month, the most expensive entry-level package in real terms.

However, although its R42.35 price for 1Mbps of download speed was also substantially higher than the average, it was nowhere near as bad as Balwin Fibre’s 4/1Mbps package.

While the R559 monthly price of this option might be below the average monthly price, the value is astoundingly poor, with an effective cost of R139.75 for every 1Mbps of download speed.

The table below compares the prices of entry-level FTTH packages available on Afrihost.

The colours used for the prices indicated the following:

  • Green — Below average price
  • Orange — Up to R5 over average price
  • Red — More than R5 over average price
Entry-level FTTH packages on Afrihost
Fibre network operator Download speed Upload speed Monthly price (lowest real cost) Price per Mbps of download speed (Better value)
Link Layer 10Mbps 10Mbps R257 R25.70
Zoom Fibre 15Mbps 15Mbps R267 R17.80
Vumatel 25Mbps 25Mbps R449 R17.96
Comtel Communications 10Mbps 10Mbps R457 R45.70
Vodacom 20Mbps 10Mbps R497 R24.85
MetroFibre Nova 20Mbps 20Mbps R497 R24.85
Fibre Suburb Networks 10Mbps 10Mbps R497 R49.70
MetroFibre Nexus 25Mbps 25Mbps R517 R20.68
Netstream Estates 10Mbps 10Mbps R527 R52.70
Thinkspeed 30Mbps 15Mbps R557 R18.57
Balwin Fibre 4Mbps 1Mbps R559 R139.75
DNATel 10Mbps 10Mbps R597 R59.70
Link Africa 25Mbps 25Mbps R597 R23.88
Frogfoot 60Mbps 30Mbps R597 R9.95
Openserve 50Mbps 25Mbps R597 R11.94
Clear Access 25Mbps 25Mbps R597 R23.88
Evotel 20Mbps 5Mbps R627 R31.35
Mitsol 10Mbps 10Mbps R627 R62.70
Purple Forest 10Mbps 10Mbps R627 R62.70
Netstream 10Mbps 10Mbps R687 R68.70
Waterfall Access Networks 40Mbps 40Mbps R697 R17.43
Lightstruck 30Mbps 10Mbps R697 R23.23
Open Fibre 20Mbps 5Mbps R697 R34.85
TT Connect 30Mbps 30Mbps R727 R23.23
Octotel 75Mbps 75Mbps R797 R10.63
Connectivity Services and Steyn City 10Mbps 10Mbps R797 R79.70
Lighstruck East 20Mbps 20Mbps R847 R42.35
Average 24Mbps 18Mbps R610.12 R25.42

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Cheapest fibre on South Africa’s top ISP