Find your missing keys, and your phone

Tile, which helps people find misplaced items, has announced its latest products: Tile Gen 2 and Find Your Phone.

Tiles are discs which can be placed on valuable things like keys, wallets, purses, computers, and luggage to make sure they can always be found.

It’s quick to find your Tile by either seeing its last known location or asking it to play a melody.

Unlike other services which are restricted by Bluetooth’s connectivity range, Tile’s range can go beyond that by using the Bluetooth connections of nearby smartphones running the app.

If your Tile is outside of your Tile app’s range, Tile sends out a signal that puts other Tile apps on the search for your missing item.

The latest version, Tile Gen 2 and Find Your Phone, includes Find Your Phone and a louder ring. The video below explains the new functionality.

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Find your missing keys, and your phone