iPad Mini 4 screen better than the iPad Pro: DisplayMate

DisplayMate Technologies has published its shoot-out for the 2015 range of iPads, comparing the screens of the iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, and iPad Pro.

When Apple announced the iPad Pro in September, it said the device featured the most advanced display the company has ever built.

While DisplayMate’s results show that the iPad Pro has a great screen, it found the display on the iPad Mini 4 is better.

Two areas where the iPad Pro ruled were:

  1. Variable refresh rate, which drops from 60Hz to 30Hz when static content is displayed.
  2. Metal oxide thin film transistor backplane, improving power efficiency compared to smaller iPads.

There are a number of areas where the iPad Mini 4 outperforms the rest:

  • Colour gamuts on the iPad Pro and Air 2 are slightly too large thanks to over-saturated blues.
  • Reflections from other light sources on the iPad Mini 4 are the least visible of all three iPads. This makes it easier to see things on the the screen in ambient light and improves its contrast ratio.

Overall, DisplayMate gave the iPad Mini 4 an A grade of “Excellent”, while the iPad Pro and iPad Air 2 scored an A-, or “Very Good”.

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iPad Mini 4 screen better than the iPad Pro: DisplayMate