This is why I am still broke

At the end of last year, I wrote an article “This is why I am broke”, where I showed how difficult it is to not spend all your money on the latest tech products.

With so many cool gadgets, like The Gotham Golfcart and the Altwork Station computer desk, it is a battle to put any money aside.

The website ThisIsWhyImBroke does not make maters any easier. The site, which is “run by a bunch of geeks who partake in way too much online window shopping”, showcases the coolest gadgets available.

Below are some of the products on my wish list – which will be fulfilled when my wife gets that promotion.

Life-Size Iron Man Suit from Killerbody – $9,120

Iron Man Suit

Black Swan Superyacht from Timur Bozca – Project

Black Swan Superyacht

Table Pong from the Table Pong Project – Project

Table Pong

Gigantic Cockroach Raft Pool Float from Amazon – $29.95

Gigantic Cockroach Raft Pool Float

Dell 43-inch 4K Multi-Window Monitor from Amazon – $1,349

Dell monitor

Classic Arcade Machine from Arcade Blaster – R12,995

Arcade Blaster

Deadpool Knife Block – DIY

Deadpool knife block

Tron Car from Timur Bozca – Concept Only

Tron Car

Porsche 911 GT3 RS LEGO Kit – R4,500

Lego Porchce

The Flyboard Air Hoverboard by ZR – Concept


Zero Gravity Workstation from ErgoQuest – $6,595

Zero Gravity Workstation

Donald Trump Quote Dice from Pocket Pal – $10

Pocket Donald

ZUS Kevlar Charging Cable from Nonda – $19


1943 Willys Jeep with Trailer – from R500,000

1943 Willys Jeep

MSI Virtual Reality Backpack PC – No price yet


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This is why I am still broke