Inside Samsung’s audio research laboratory in Los Angeles – Photos

Samsung plans to dominate the loudspeaker audio business through a combination of research and testing methodology.

This is according to Allan Devantier, head of Samsung’s audio research facility outside Los Angeles.

Devantier said Samsung is able to build speaker systems, such as sound bars, that frequently offer better sound quality than their competitors at more affordable prices.

“This is the most advanced audio laboratory in the world for consumer products,” said Devantier.

Their facilities, which include two anechoic chambers and two listening rooms, along with their testing systems, are unmatched in the industry. They also have excellent people working at the lab, he said.

Devantier has almost three decades of experience, which includes over three years at Plateau Camber and 21 years at Harman. He has been at Samsung for the past three years.

Samsung has obtained several patents on the research that has come out of the lab and is securing a patent for maximising the performance of a speaker through software that can dynamically compensate for distortion.

A computer inside the speaker monitors the position of the cone at all times and is able to adjust equalisation settings to ensure it is used to its best potential.

Photos from a tour inside Samsung’s LA audio research facility are posted below.

Unfortunately, our recording equipment was unable to handle the lack of reverberation inside the anechoic chamber – but take my word when I say it was a disconcerting experience.

Testing equipment

Samsung SoundLab testing equipment

Various panels and speakers

Samsung SoundLab various panels and speakers

Anechoic chamber control station

Samsung SoundLab anti-echoic chamber control station

Inside the anechoic chamber

Samsung SoundLab inside anti-echoic chamber

Anechoic chamber for testing TVs with soundbars

Samsung SoundLab anti-echoic chamber for TV and soundbar testing

Driver-testing gear

Samsung SoundLab driver testing gear

Samsung SoundLab driver testing gear with lasers

Collection of drivers

Samsung SoundLab collection of drivers

Woofer response visualised with strobe light

Samsung SoundLab woofer response visualised with strobe

Blind test listening room with curtains raised

Samsung SoundLab blind test listening room with curtains raised

Inside another listening room

Samsung SoundLab listening room two

Jan Vermeulen was a guest of Samsung in Los Angeles.

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Inside Samsung’s audio research laboratory in Los Angeles – Photos