Inside the biggest music and tech store in Africa – Photos

MiTech Direct has opened its massive music and tech store in Midrand, Gauteng.

The store is the largest music and tech store in Africa, said the company – and boasts a large arena, warehouse, and store area.

Customers enter the store through a 1,500-person-capacity live music arena, which contains a coffee shop and a balcony area with product showcases.

The arena features a stage kitted with the latest audio equipment. Stage and event products are also manufactured on site in a facility joined to the store.

The opening event featured a live performance by Cape Town-based band The Sweet Resistance.

The store floor boasts a staggering selection of musical instruments and high-tech audio products, with large rooms full of guitars, pianos, amplifiers, and audiophile equipment.

The MiTech Direct store is also host to South Africa’s only Sennheiser experience showcase. The showcase lets customers try out the legendary Sennheiser HE1 headphones in dedicated listening rooms.

Other experiences on offer include a state-of-the-art Pioneer DJ showroom, recording studios, and surround-sound viewing rooms.

Photos from the store’s opening on 15 March are posted below.

Sweet Resistance performance

MiTech recording and play rooms

MiTech recording and play room

Self-playing piano

MiTech Sennheiser 2

MiTech Sennheiser

MiTech Electronics

MiTech Guitar Player

MiTech Store

MiTech Piano Room

MiTech Electric Pianos

MiTech Drums

MiTech Guitars and Bike

MiTech Pioneer DJ

MiTech Coffee Shop

MiTech Upper level

MiTech Arena

MiTech Wifi hotspot

MiTech Saxophones

MiTech Electric Guitars

Drum recording room

MiTech Les Paul

MiTech Pianos 2

MiTech Pianos 1

MiTech Guitars 4

MiTech Guitars 3

MiTech Guitars 2

MiTech Guitars

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Inside the biggest music and tech store in Africa – Photos