Don’t expect a discount on 2017 Samsung QLED TVs

Samsung recently launched its line-up of 2018 QLED TVs in South Africa.

The new TVs offer improved backlighting, smart capabilities, and colour range compared to the previous generation of Samsung QLED TVs, said the company.

While the new TVs would make a fine addition to any home, South Africans looking to get a QLED display and save some money at the same time were thinking about a different line-up – Samsung’s 2017 QLED TVs.

Packing many of the same features as the latest units, the 2017 QLED range offers large screens with excellent picture quality, and those in the market for a new TV may have been hoping for a discount or two on the 2017 devices as the 2018 models rolled in to town.

Unfortunately, this will not be the case.

Speaking at a launch event for Samsung Pay in Johannesburg, Samsung South Africa chief marketing officer Justin Hume told MyBroadband there has been an good transition between the two generations of TVs – with very little conflicting stock.

“We don’t expect any further price drops on the QLED 2017 TVs due to the new QLED 2018 range, as we are almost sold out of the comparable models at this point,” said Hume.

“We have done quite a smooth transition between stock and we think we have introduced the QLED 2018 range at an appropriate price point.”

“If you look at the 2017 QLED model, it was introduced at quite a high product price, and there was price erosion over the past months,” he added.

“This time, we have learnt from that and brought in the new models at the correct market price.”

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Don’t expect a discount on 2017 Samsung QLED TVs