GPS navigation traffic service pricing comparison

Three GPS personal navigation device (PND) vendors offer live traffic services in South Africa, with each offering a slightly different pricing structure.


TomTom was first to market with their Live HD Traffic service in 2010 and bundles the service with their higher end “Live” devices, such as the Go Live or Via Live range.

Purchase of a TomTom device only provides a year’s subscription to the vendor’s traffic service, however. Annual subscriptions to TomTom live traffic currently sit at R499.

This makes TomTom’s traffic services the most expensive in SA, but users are able to try it out online through TomTom’s route planner before deciding to buy.


Next in line was Garmin who now offer two types of subscription to their traffic services.

The new range of Garmin devices include “LT” models which have a lifetime subscription to Garmin’s Premium Live Traffic bundled with them.

According to Garmin, “lifetime” indicates the lifetime of the device or the information feed from the traffic service provider.

Garmin also offers annual traffic subscriptions for other supported devices at R299 per year.


Navigon offers traffic services using the same information provider as Garmin: Altech Netstar.

All of Navigon’s traffic offerings are “lifetime” subscriptions and come bundled with their Premium devices.

The table below compares the various traffic services to one another.

PND range Initial purchase Initial subscription Annual subscription
Garmin LT PNDs Bundled GPS R0 R0
Garmin – other
GTM Traffic Receiver R0 R299
TomTom Bundled GPS R0 R499
Bundled GPS R0 R0
Navigon Easy Navigon 40 Easy $69 R0

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GPS navigation traffic service pricing comparison