How our Amazon Black Friday order arrived before South African deliveries

Black Friday 2018 is slowly fading from memory for most shoppers, except for those who have not received their orders.

The shopping day saw many retailers run big sales with thousands of products on special – including online stores which were the primary choice of many South African shoppers.

The only downside to shopping from the comfort of a chair, however, is that you have to rely on the retailer and their delivery system to get your order to you in a timely manner.

With so many people shopping on Black Friday, this means large order volumes which must be processed.

Ordering from Amazon

Many MyBroadband staff members bought items from Black Friday sales, including a journalist who purchased a gaming mouse from Amazon in the USA.

The mouse shipped directly from Amazon and was ordered on 23 November. It arrived at our offices today, 4 December.

The delivery period is impressive, considering it was shipped from the US and was one of 180 million orders placed on Amazon over the Black Friday period.

Making it even more impressive is that the mouse arrived before many purchases by staff at local online stores.

Two examples are OneDayOnly and Makro, two of the most popular online stores in SA.

Orders which were placed on Black Friday from OneDayOnly include a bottle of whiskey and a board game.

A set of chairs and a TV were also ordered from Makro on 22 and 24 November respectively, and have yet to arrive.

The table below shows the status of Black Friday 2018 orders from local stores as of 4 December.

Black Friday Deliveries
Items Order Date Delivery Date
Laser Pen 23 November 26 November
Knife Set 23 November 28 November
Board Game 23 November 28 November
Board Game and Lights 23 November Not Delivered
Whiskey 23 November Not Delivered
Google Home Mini 23 November 30 November
Microwave 23 November 27 November
Chairs 22 November Not Delivered
TV 24 November Not Delivered
Hard Drive 23 November 26 November
Shoes, Vests 23 November 28 November
Cutlery 23 November 26 November
Toiletries 24 November Not Delivered

Amazon order received

Amazon Order

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How our Amazon Black Friday order arrived before South African deliveries