We watched TV on Samsung’s 219-inch “The Wall” – Photos

CES 2019 kicked off in Las Vegas this week, showcasing the most innovative consumer technology in the world.

The show includes everything from the latest smartphones and autonomous cars to intelligent appliances and high-end audio systems.

Major TV manufacturers were also present at the event, presenting their latest products to visitors.

Among the the collection of 8K displays and AI-enabled smart TVs, one TV in particular stood out – both in terms of functionality and sheer size.

This was the massive Samsung MicroLED display called “The Wall”.

In Samsung’s booth at CES 2019, we watched TV on the 219-inch display.

The Wall

The Wall TV displayed on the CES 2019 show floor is a monstrous 219-inch display consisting of multiple MicroLED panels.

MicroLED technology comprises tiny LED lights which create a self-illuminating panel with excellent contrast and colour, while also allowing panels to be joined with hardly any noticeable seam between them.

This newer version of Samsung’s massive TV is the second version of The Wall, which was first showcased as a 146-inch 4K TV last year.

Thanks to its modular design, the 219-inch Wall TV can be modified as the user sees fit – automatically adapting to the position and layout of display tiles.

This functionality, along with other advanced intelligent features, is powered by Samsung’s Quantum Processor 8K display chip, which it said its the industry’s first AI-powered picture-processing engine.

Viewing experience

The Wall is such a massive display that you need to take more than a few steps back to properly see the images on-screen, but the viewing experience is unprecedented.

In addition to the sheer scale and high resolution of the modular panels, the MicroLED cells provide intense illumination and great contrast. In very bright scenes, The Wall could illuminate an entire room on its own.

From a comfortable viewing distance, it is impossible to discern the seams between the modular panels, proving the consumer application of the display as a high-end, wall-sized display.

For those who would rather have a more reasonably-sized version of the gargantuan screen, Samsung also announced that a 75-inch model of the display would be made available, based on the same MicroLED technology as the 219-inch TV.

The Wall TV is one of the highlights of CES 2019, pushing the limits of display design by combining cutting-edge panel technology with a fantastically-impressive showcase product.

Photos of the The Wall – 75-inch and 219-inch – are shown below.

Samsung Wall 2 1

Samsung Wall CES 2019 (3)

Samsung Wall CES 2019 (2)

Samsung Wall CES 2019 (1)

Samsung Wall 2

Samsung Wall 2 2

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We watched TV on Samsung’s 219-inch “The Wall” – Photos