What you can buy for the price of DStv Premium

DStv is losing Premium subscribers in South Africa as locals cut costs in an effort to weather tough economic conditions.

Many South Africans are turning to online streaming services for their entertainment instead, as these offer both cheaper monthly subscriptions as well as on-demand viewing and exclusive content.

Others are simply cancelling their DStv subscriptions due to the significant cost savings – DStv Premium is priced at R809 per month, with consumers also being charged an extra R95 per month to use PVR functionality.

Many South Africans who have DStv subscriptions already have fixed broadband connections, and this makes Netflix and other OTT services a cheaper and more attractive option.

If you can manage without DStv entirely, there are various other things you could be spending your money on – especially if you account for the price of DStv Premium package over a period of time.

We have listed some of the great products you can buy for the price of DStv Premium, including once-off and monthly products.

Netflix, Showmax, and Amazon Prime Video – R290 per month

For around a third of the price of DStv Premium, you can pay a monthly subscription for Netflix, Showmax, and Amazon Prime Video.

The total cost of these three streaming services leaves you with over R600 each month to save, which you could also spend on an Android TV box to access your new streaming platforms.


20/10Mbps uncapped fibre – R797 per month

For the price of a DStv subscription, you could take advantage of Afrihost’s Pure Fibre offerings and get a 20Mbps/10Mbps uncapped, unshaped fibre package on Openserve.

If you have fibre coverage from Vumatel, Octotel, or other providers, you might even be able to get a faster connection for a similar price.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 – R889 per month

The price of a DStv Premium subscription could also get you Samsung’s brand-new Galaxy Note 10 smartphone on a uChoose Flexi 230 contract from Vodacom.

This contract includes R230 airtime each month, a Galaxy Fit wearable, and 10GB of mobile data once-off.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Vodacom

PlayStation 4 Console – R5,899 (7 months of DStv Premium)

Seven months after cancelling your DStv Premium subscription, you would have saved enough to buy yourself a PlayStation 4 500GB gaming console.

If you wanted to buy an Xbox One instead, you would only have to wait six months after cancelling your DStv Premium package.

PlayStation 4

Gaming PC – R8,649 (10 months of DStv Premium)

If you cancelled DStv Premium and saved the money each month, after 10 months you would be able to buy a budget gaming PC.

This rig would include an AMD Ryzen 2200 processor, Radeon RX 580 8GB graphics card, and 8GB of DDR4 RAM.

Evetech gaming PC blue

One-week holiday in Thailand – R9,990 (12 months of DStv Premium)

For the price of a year’s subscription to DStv Premium, you could book yourself a seven-night trip to Phuket, Thailand.

This package includes flights, hotel accommodation, and airport taxes.

Basic Phuket

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What you can buy for the price of DStv Premium