The cost of insuring your tech in South Africa

The need to insure digital devices has increased as technology becomes an increasingly important part of our lives.

Most people have multiple devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets, which are prime targets for thieves.

It is also extremely easy for accidents to happen to portable devices – making it crucial that you are covered in case you drop and shatter your R20,000 smartphone.

Insurance from the source

Mobile providers, from whom many smartphone and tablet owners purchase their devices, offer additional tech insurance that can be added onto your contract.

Vodacom, for example, offers two main types of device insurance: Comprehensive insurance and Accidental Damage insurance.

Those who sign up to Comprehensive insurance for their cellphone can also cover their accessories, such as Apple TVs and smartwatches, for an additional fee.

MTN also offers insurance options on contract or pre-paid devices.

The company said that there is no waiting period for claims, and customers are given 30 days to insure their devices once they have been purchased.

Vodacom and MTN’s comprehensive insurance prices are below. They refer to cover for laptops and tablets in the case of Vodacom, and cell phones, laptops, wearables, data modems, and SIM cards in the case of MTN.

Network provider device insurance
Mobile Network Device value Price per month
Vodacom Up to R1,500 R20
MTN Up to R1,000 R37.33
Vodacom R1,501 – R2,500 R40
MTN R1,001 – R2,000 R57.50
MTN R2,001 – R3,000 R67.59
Vodacom R2,501 – R5,000 R69
MTN R3,001 – R4,000 R77.68
MTN R4,001 – R5,000 R88.77
Vodacom R5,001 – R7,000 R99
MTN R5,001 – R6,000 R107.94
MTN R6,001+ R107.94 + R1.51 per additional R100
Vodacom R7,001 – R9,000 R129
Vodacom R9,001 – R12,000 R149
Vodacom R12,001 – R15,000 R175
Vodacom R15,001 – R18,000 R205

Third-party insurance

Most major insurance companies also offer cover for tech devices, although these are usually not as specific as the insurance outlined above.

This usually falls under a “portable possessions” section, which covers the tech that you regularly transport and use outside of your home – including tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

These companies usually ask for an overall valuation of all devices that fall into this category, and use this and a variety of personal factors to provide prospective customers with a quote.

We used Loom – a digital product from Compass Insurance – to receive specific quotes for a variety of tech products.

Examples of comprehensive cover prices for various tech products are outlined below.

Comprehensive insurance costs of tech devices
Device Value Price per month
Samsung Galaxy Active smartwatch R4,399 R85
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1-inch R5,399 R85
Huawei P30 Lite 128GB R5,529 R85
MSI OPTIX 27-inch WQHD 144Hz gaming monitor R8,499 R85
Lenovo Thinkpad E580 i3-8130U notebook R11,629 R136
Apple iPad Pro 11-inch 64GB R13,999 R164
Apple iPhone Xr 128GB R16,000 R214
Lenovo Thinkpad P52s i7-8550U notebook R29,179 R341

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The cost of insuring your tech in South Africa