Samsung makes massive QLED TV breakthrough

Samsung has developed new technology that extends the lifetime and efficiency of QLED panels.

The technology was developed by a team led by Samsung fellow Dr Eunjoo Jang and principal researcher at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology Dr Yu-Ho Won.

The team discovered that by utilising a specific structure, oxidation of the core can be prevented, and energy leaks can be reduced significantly.

This improves the quantum efficiency of devices which use this technology by 21.4%, improving the lifetime of QLED panels to 1 million hours at 100 candelas per square metre.

“[This represents] a performance comparable to that of state-of-the-art Cd-containing QD-LEDs. These as-prepared InP-based QD-LEDs could soon be usable in commercial displays,” said Samsung.

Investment into Quantum Dot technology

Despite this advancement, true quantum dot displays for commercial TVs are believed to be several years away.

Current TVs from Samsung that use QLED technology do not use a true quantum dot system; instead, these systems are used alongside LCD technology.

Samsung has committed to investing $11 billion over the period ending 2025 into producing true quantum dot displays.

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Samsung makes massive QLED TV breakthrough