2 Huawei smartphones to get excited for in 2020

Huawei has had a bumper year as it continued to eat into the market share of competing brands such as Samsung and Apple.

Its dominance has been in spite of various challenges – most notably the US-China trade dispute which severely hampered Huawei’s ability to work with US-based companies.

In 2019, the Huawei Mate 30 Pro topped the smartphone camera charts at DXOMark. This device is not available in South Africa yet, as Huawei South Africa doesn’t think its new ecosystem, which operates on an open source version of Android, is ready.

There were various other successful smartphone launches in South Africa for Huawei – including high-value devices like the P30 Lite, Y7 2019. and the Y9 2019.

Powerful devices like the P30 Pro and Nova 5T were also launched.

Additionally, Huawei offered a variety of popular tablets and peripherals to its South African customers, including new tablets and wireless ear buds.

2020 is set to be another big year for Huawei – here are the two most exciting new Huawei smartphones users are looking forward to in 2020.

Huawei P40

Huawei’s P30 range was an enormous success, offering fantastic performance and great aesthetics.

The Huawei P40 promises to be an even better device, and users can’t wait to see what new features and improvements it will have.

An alleged specifications list has been published on social media, suggesting the device will have a 6.5-inch 120Hz display with a 98% screen-to-body ratio, as well as a Leica penta-lens camera.

As Huawei already boasts the best smartphone camera in the world, it will be interesting to see if this rumoured penta-lens camera system comes to fruition, and if so, where it stacks up.

Mate X global launch

Huawei’s foldable smartphone, the Mate X, has already been made available in batches in China.

However, the company previously said it was considering a worldwide launch for the device.

“Our strategy is based on carriers’ 5G rollout in different regions. So far, Huawei has made the Huawei Mate X available in the China market on November 15. A global launch plan is under review,”said Huawei.

While foldable smartphone technology is still in its infancy and there has been lots of criticism leveraged at several of these devices, the Mate X seems to be the most functional and acclaimed of the mainstream foldable smartphones.

For this reason, a 2020 global release is bound to pique the interest of technology fans across the world.

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2 Huawei smartphones to get excited for in 2020