This is the coolest tech from CES 2020

The world’s biggest technology trade show – CES 2020 – took place this past week in Las Vegas, USA.

The event saw many of the world’s biggest names in technology showcasing their latest products and services.

Among the plethora of devices, one drew the attention of the gaming community in particular – Dell’s Alienware UFO gaming PC.

Portable PC Gaming

The handheld device is effectively a fully-fledged mini PC that offers an 8-inch screen and a detachable controller that connects on either side of the main unit.

The screen can also be disconnected and placed on a table, supported by a kickstand on the back. The two sides of the controller can then be connected to form a single remote.

The trade show also offered other innovative and strange gadgets which included flying cars, a BB-8-like smart assistant, artificial human avatars, new electric vehicles, and even developments around processes used to create meat alternatives.

Here are 10 awesome pieces of new technology and gadgets from CES 2020.

New AMD Ryzen Processors

AMD’s rise continued as it unveiled its insanely powerful Ryzen Threadripper 3990X processor.

The 3990X features 64 physical cores and 128 threads and supposedly boasts 51% faster rendering performance than the 3970X.

AMD also revealed its next generation of Ryzen 4000 mobile processors, with the top-end 4800H offering 46% better multi-threaded performance than its Intel rival.

Samsung Q950TS 8K QLED TV

With advanced AI capable of upscaling any content to 8K quality, Samsung impressed with its flagship 8K QLED TV – The Q950TS.

It also features a near bezel-less display and 15mm thickness, making it one of the most premium-looking TVs to date.

Samsung did not neglect audio on the set either, as it employs speakers along the sides that are capable of creating virtual 5.1 surround sound.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold

The foldable display-craze continued, as Lenovo unveiled the world’s first foldable laptop to add to its line-up of renowned business devices.

The ThinkPad X1 Fold can be partially unfolded to use two displays simultaneously – such as when comparing documents or taking notes during a video presentation.

It can also be used as a conventional tablet or in conjunction with the Bluetooth Mini Fold keyboard.

ASUS ROG Swift 360Hz Gaming Display

ASUS and Nvidia partnered to make the world’s first 360Hz gaming display – The ASUS ROG Swift 360.

ASUS claimed the Swift 360 displays frames every 2.8ms, making it six times faster than “traditional gaming displays and TVs”.

Some gamers might think of this ultra-high refresh rate as overkill, while competitive players may be eager to try it out.

Samsung Bot Chef

A robot’s place is in the kitchen, at least according to one display at Samsung’s booth this year.

The Bot Chef is an AI-powered chef’s assistant with advanced features that allows it to perform various tasks in the kitchen.

Multiple highly-manoeuvrable robotic arms extend from a large box containing the system’s mechatronics.

Users can interact with the arms through voice commands or via a mobile device and assign or program them to chop, stir, whisk, pour, and clean.

Lexilight Reading Lamp for Dyslexics

Researchers in France claim that a possible cause of dyslexia is a person having two dominant eyes, rather than one, which makes letters appear blurry or mirrored.

The Lexilight Lamp pulses LED lights at a customisable frequency to allow the brain to use a single eye to process information logically.

90% of the 300 dyslexic people that the company tested the device on found it had improved their reading abilities.

Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub

Technology can now make your braais better. Weber’s Connect Smart Grilling Hub turns any grill into a smart grill.

The device can be connected to your smartphone via Wi-Fi and provides temperature readings, meat-readiness measurement, as well as notifications to flip and serve.

Hydraloop Water Recycler

Water scarcity is made all the more evident by a bout of droughts across the globe in recent years. This could make machines like the Hydraloop even more necessary.

The Hydraloop is fridge-sized greywater recycling system that takes water from your basins, washing machine, shower, and bath and purifies it for use again.

Its creator, Arthur Valkieser, claimed it can use up to 95% of this water, capturing material like hair, skin, grease, oil, and bacteria in its central tank and diverting this to the sewers.

The remaining water is then purified using millions of bubbles that flushes any other excess material away and directs fluid to the lavatory, washing machine, garden sprinkling system or a storage tank.

Razer Kishi Mobile Gaming Controller

Razer’s plug-in controller for mobile gaming has proved to be one of the most popular devices at this year’s show.

It supports low-latency direct connectivity with most Android and iPhone smartphones, adding joysticks and a D-Pad as well as regular and triggers buttons.

Given the growing popularity of mobile gaming, this device could be poised for healthy sales.

Robosen T9 Transforming Robot

It may not be the biggest or most innovative gadget, but the Robosen T9 is the closest thing you’ll find to a real-life Transformer.

This action figure/robot hybrid can convert from a standing robot to a fully operational RC car, and perform a range of other actions.

These include walking, running, dancing, doing push-ups, and striking poses, all of which can be programmed and controlled via voice commands or an accompanying app.

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This is the coolest tech from CES 2020