TV prices in South Africa – Before and after lockdown

South Africa entered a national state of disaster and subsequent lockdown in March, resulting in a ban on the sale of non-essential goods.

Physical retailers suffered most due to the lockdown regulations, with stores like Makro, Incredible Connection, and others being forced to halt the sale of most products or close entirely.

Just before the lockdown, Dion Wired was closed down across the country by Massmart, its parent company.

The South African physical retail market has since seen unprecedented challenges, and the current landscape looks very different from that of three months ago.

Three months ago, we compared the prices of popular smart TVs from various physical retailers around the country.

We found that Kloppers, Hirsch’s, and Makro were among the cheapest physical stores, while Incredible Connection and Dion Wired were among the most expensive.

To determine whether the results of this TV pricing comparison held true after the COVID-19 lockdown, we compared the same TV prices across various retailers.

While this comparison provides a comparison of TV prices at major physical retailers, it is also advisable to shop around and check ecommerce platforms to ensure that you get the best deal.

Before and after

Comparing the same four televisions across the same retailers also allows us to compare the effects of the lockdown on consumer television prices.

Since our previous comparison using these products was done on 6 March, it gives a good idea of the state of local tech prices just before the lockdown was implemented.

It is important to note that the value of the South African rand against the US dollar has declined in the months since this last comparison.

Prices may also be affected by altered stock levels due to prolonged inactivity and other factors caused by the lockdown.

We have listed four modern smart TVs and compared their prices across various retailers before and after the lockdown.

Listed prices do not include discounts or promotions.

Even considering the shutdown of Dion Wired, it is apparent that the TVs we compared were available at fewer stores than before the lockdown was implemented.

Store Price – March 2020 Price – June 2020
Hisense 100-inch HE100LN60D Laser 4K Smart TV
Kloppers R119,999 R119,999
Hirsch’s R149,999 R129,999
Incredible Connection R149,999 R129,999
HiFi Corp R149,999 R129,999
LG 82 82UM7580 LED UHD Smart TV
Kloppers R29,999 R30,499
Hirsch’s R29,999 R35,399
HiFi Corp R32,999 R37,999
Incredible Connection R32,999 R37,999
Dion Wired R34,999
Makro R39,999 R39,999
Samsung 65-inch Q900R QLED 8K Smart TV
Kloppers R49,999
Makro R49,999 R49,999
Hirsch’s R49,999
Dion Wired R49,999
HiFi Corp R53,999 R52,999
Incredible Connection R53,999
Hisense 58-inch Android UHD TV
Kloppers R7,999 R7,999
Hirsch’s R7,999 R7,099
Makro R8,999 R8,999
Incredible Connection R7,999 R7,999
HiFi Corp R8,999
Dion Wired R8,999
Game R10,999

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TV prices in South Africa – Before and after lockdown