This is why I am broke

Somewhere along the way, you were probably told that money can’t buy happiness or that chasing wealth would make you miserable.

These were most likely the same people who said, “Love is more important than money,” but I’m pretty sure none of them have ever tried to pay a bill with a hug.

Still, the popular phrase has been backed up by respected research from a couple of Nobel winning economists in 2010, stating that earning more money does not add to a sense of wellbeing.

According to the study, money can buy happiness, but only in the sense that it can pay for necessities and stability – not much more.

These skeptics may be oblivious of what can be purchased on the Internet with vast amounts of cash.

I am confident that life would seem much easier if I was in a SpaceX rocket on my way to Mars or driving in Tesla’s Cybertruck on my way to host Saturday Night Live.

Coincidentally, a recent article published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science concluded that happiness does indeed rise with increased income.

This study found that money is not everything, but that satisfaction comes when we reach a degree of income where we don’t have to think about money.

As adults, we are merely just kids with money and online shopping has made purchasing goods as simple as clicking a button.

We’ve put together a list of the best gadgets and most expensive toys available for purchase online. Prices have been converted to rand at an exchange rate of R14.15 to the US dollar.

Gibbs Quadski – $40,000 (R564,000)

In 2012 Gibbs Sports Amphibians launched its amphibious quad bike, the Gibbs Quadski.

The Quadski is a retractable-wheel quad bike with a fully functional marine jet propulsion system.

This 4-stroke vehicle can be converted from an all terrain vehicle (ATV) to a personal watercraft and has a top speed of 72km/h on both land and water.

The AcraBoard – $20,000 (around R282,000)

Acra Space Corporation developed the AcraBoard, a fully functional hoverboard that uses fan power to float about 30cm above the ground.

The hoverboard packs 272 horsepower and 203,000 watts of installed power, allowing users to reach a top speed of 20km/h.

It weighs about 82kg and takes 35 minutes to charge for only 6 minutes of travel, however.

Kuratas robot – $1.35 million (around R19 million)

Suidobashi Heavy Industry has created a 13-foot, 4 ton, gasoline-fueled robot that can reach a top speed of about 10km/h.

This behemoth of a machine can be operated from its cockpit or via smartphone and has multiple onboard weapon systems, like a BB-bullet Gatling gun.

LG Z9 88-inch 8K Smart OLED TV – R585,199

The LG Signature Z9 is the company’s largest 8K OLED TV.

This TV boasts the highest resolution on the market with enormous size and exceptional picture quality.

Acer Predator Thronos gaming chair – $14,000 (around R197,400)

With its Thronos gaming chair, Acer has catered to the most intense of gamers.

For an ultra-wide gaming experience, this setup includes a gaming PC and three monitors stacked side by side.

All of the electronics are housed inside the chair and it includes a massage function, 4D armrests, cup holders, USB hub and a 130 degrees recline.

Sennheiser HE 1 headphones – $80,000 (around R1.2 million)

Sennheiser’s HE 1 headphones have been in production since 1991 and it is the result of a money-no-object research and development project.

The HE1 is said to be the world’s best headphones and is housed inside a marble box.

Barisieur tea & coffee alarm clock – $486 (around R6,851)

The Barisieur is a tea and coffee brewer that works automatically in your bedroom or office.

Thanks to its alarm clock features, it can wake you up with a fresh brew every morning or have one ready as you walk into work.

WEB-12 functional thread shooter – R2,080

The WEB-12 thread shooter incorporates a powerful neodymium magnet and spring projectiles that allows the user to shoot “Spiderman-like webs” up to 9 feet.

But remember, “with great power, comes great responsibility”.

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This is why I am broke