Xiaomi smart glasses unveiled

Xiaomi has announced a new addition to its line of smart wearable devices — the Xiaomi Smart Glasses.

The glasses use Xiaomi’s “microLED optical waveguide technology”, which the company says allows it to integrate an imaging system and sensors into a subtle design that weighs 51g.

The Chinese tech company’s smart eyewear boasts impressive features, such as displaying messages and notifications, making calls, translating text, and providing directions through its navigation capabilities.

The new smart wearable is powered by a quad-core ARM processor and runs on Android software.

Xiaomi’s smart glasses combine MicroLED technology with a monochrome display. The company said it allows sufficient light to pass through optical structures before reaching the eye.

“The grating structure etched onto the inner surface of the lens allows light to be refracted in a unique way, directing it safely into the human eye,” Xiaomi said.

“The refraction process involves bouncing light beams countless times, allowing the human eye to see a complete image, and greatly increasing usability while wearing.”

“All this is done inside a single lens, instead of using complicated multiples lens systems, mirrors, or half mirrors as some other products do.”

Xiaomi emphasises that its smart glasses are “not a secondary smartphone display”.

The wearable is capable of independent tasks, such as selecting which messages and notifications are important to display on the glasses while excluding those that aren’t.

The inclusion of a built-in microphone and speakers allows wearers to answer calls on the glasses and translate the spoken word in real-time using Xiaomi’s translation algorithm.

The device’s navigation system will display directions and maps “in front of your eyes”.

At 51g, Xiaomi’s smart glasses are slightly heavier than Facebook and Ray Ban’s collaboration smart glasses — which weigh less than 50g.

Xiaomi is yet to offer a release date or pricing information for their smart glasses.

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Xiaomi smart glasses unveiled