SA TV prices continue to plummet

South African LCD, LED and plasma television prices continue to drop with both manufacturers and retailers battling it out for market share.

With the latest round of television promotions consumers can pick up a full HD flat screen TV for well under R5,000. 47-inch LCD TVs are not much more expensive either.

Some of the recent LCD and LED TV deals include:

  • LG 32” HD Ready LCD TV for R2,999 (Hi-Fi Corp).
  • Sinotec 40” Full HD LCD TV for R3,999 (Makro).
  • Samsung 40” Full HD LED TV for R4,999 (Game).
  • LG 42” Full HD LED TV for R6,499 (Makro).
  • LG 47” Full HD LCD TV for R6,999 (Makro).

Apart from the lower LCD and LED TV prices, it is interesting to see that plasma TVs seem to be making a strong comeback in South Africa.

With thinner form factors and better styling, plasma TVs compare favorably with LCD and LED TVs. For larger screen sizes, plasma TV prices are also hard to beat, as shown by the prices below.

  • Samsung 43” HD Ready 3D Plasma for R6,499 (Hi-Fi Corp).
  • Sansui 50” HD Ready Plasma TV for R5,999 (Hi-Fi Corp).
  • LG 50” HD Ready Plasma TV for R6,999 (Game).
  • LG 60” FHD 3D Pentouch plasma TV for R20,000 (Dion Wired).

The Plasma-versus-LCD/LED TV debate continues, with plasma TV proponents highlighting that plasma offers better contrast ratios, better viewing angles and great performance for sport and gaming.

LCD and LED TV enthusiasts typically argue that their TVs consume less power, weigh less, have a longer lifetime, and are better for computer usage.

With bigger screen sizes – typically 50-inch and larger – it is however clear that plasma TVs offer superior value for money, and this may be one of the reasons why we see more of these TVs being promoted by large retail chains.

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SA TV prices continue to plummet