LG launches monster 325-inch 8K TV — and it will smash your Eskom bill

South Korean electronics company LG has unveiled its biggest TV yet for home users — the Direct View LED (DVLED) Extreme Home Cinema Display.

Like Samsung’s The Wall TV,  the display is modular and made up of several panels, allowing it to be scaled from 81 inches to 325 inches, with resolutions ranging from 2K FHD to 8K UHD.

The TVs can also be configured side-by-side into an ultrawide 32:9 screen ratio if you want to watch from two sources simultaneously, with sizes between 147 inches and 393 inches.

The panels offer cable-less connections to allow for easy setup.

The pre-configured display options provided by LG include:

  • 108-inch 2K Full HD – 4 x 4 panels
  • 136-inch 2K Full HD –  5 x 5 panels
  • 147-inch Dual 2K Ultra Stretch – 6 x 3 panels
  • 196-inch Dual 2K Ultra Stretch – 8 x 4 panels
  • 163-inch 4K UHD – 6 x 6 panels
  • 217-inch 4K UHD – 8 x 8 panels
  • 294-inch Dual 4K Ultra Stretch – 12 x 6 panels
  • 393-inch Dual 4K Ultra Stretch – 16 x 8 panels
  • 325-inch 8K UHD – 12 x 12 panels

In all, there are nine sizes each for 2K Full HD Dual 2K Ultra Stretch setups, eight each for the 4K UHD and Dual 4K Ultra Stretch, and two 8K UHD sizes.

The full range of available configurations is listed in the flyer that can be downloaded here.

LG said the displays offer a low pixel-pitch of 0.93mm, Deep Black technology, HDR10 Pro2, and a 150,000:1 contrast ratio to deliver content in “breathtaking realism”.

The top-end 325-inch 8K configuration boasts 1,200 nits brightness and has a maximum power draw of 16,560W.

To put that in perspective — the average kettle uses between 2kW and 3kW of power. Operating LG’s 325-inch beast is like constantly running between 5 and 9 kettles at their point of highest power draw.

LG is taking orders for the DVLED home sets now but does not include pricing as each order will be customised according to the customer’s preferences.

The company estimates that the installation, warranty, and support offered with the TVs alone are worth $30,000 (R430,248), so it’s likely the displays won’t come cheap.

Each TV comes with an LG Controller with WebOS for smart features and system controls and an ATA-certified flight case to protect it while being moved.

The images below show several possible configurations of the LG DVLED TV.

217-inch 4K
294-inch Dual 4K Ultra Stretch

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LG launches monster 325-inch 8K TV — and it will smash your Eskom bill